Are you waiting for empowerment?

Are you waiting for empowerment?

How are you doing?

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Empowerment is an inside job

I used to think that I did not have freedom as a woman. I blamed it on my family and society when I was growing up. However, I have realized that empowerment is an inside job – no one else can give it to you. You can choose empowerment even in a highly oppressed situation. It may be difficult to comprehend but time and again in my private sessions I see people becoming happier even if nothing outside changes. It is always a choice – it is the way we assign values and meanings to events.

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Journeying with light keys:

1) Light Medicine Level 2 with Regeneration and Revitalization protocols was received very well today. Happy bodies and being! so much gratitude is flowing!
If you are missing the Light Medicine series, I strongly recommend you to reconsider!

2) Ease & Grace protocol is creating awesome results for me. Things that used to be difficult seems so light within few minutes. It will be an awesome protocol to have in hand for everyone – especially kids will love it. Hope you are joining on Sunday! Interestingly, this series covers a good cross section of Light Key system and gives the certified practitioners an ability to facilitate their clients with such simple and potent tools. This is the first time; we are certifying the practitioners of a protocol.

Manual for Ease with school is completed! Has come out cute… you will see 🙂
Link again for you:-)

3) Our Corona protocol seems to be working well. So far, a few corona impacted people have shown great response. We continue to include your requests.

4) I am so grateful for the facilitators for offering me unwavering support!

5) We are looking at doing classes in Portuguese now. If you are interested, please do write to us.

6) Two facilitator classes got created in the last two days and amazing response for participation. You will have new facilitators for Prosperity Activation Protocol and Light Medicine Basic course very soon. I will be teaching Vortex of Light attunement in the Light Medicine facilitators. Looking forward to it.

7) I have started receiving requests for media interviews – wondering what triggered this! Am also invited to give a talk on Women Empowerment for college students on July 20th!!

8) The children of the Light Key practitioners seem to have developed a beautiful bond with me – they show up before, after or during the class to say ‘hi’ to me. One day, I woke up to a voice mail from a 5 year old saying, “I feel like talking to you. I love you so much”. Feel so blessed.

9) Prices are going up from August – including my private sessions. You may want to get the products or sessions before that!

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