Are you willing to be valuable?

Are you willing to be valuable?

How have you been?

Are you willing to be seen and received? Willing not wishing
Enjoy a beautiful facilitation by Nila where she asks leading questions around the willingness to be seen and to be received – which helps bring things to your awareness. When you are aware, you have a choice to let it go!  Did you know wishing without the willingness actually resonates with lack?

Enjoy the facilitation and let go of your limitations in the process. Link to the video at the end.

Joyous Body Protocol – Level 1 (Certified Course) is today!
Are you willing to experience a magical way to heal yourself and your clients? If you are enjoying receiving from Joyous body protocol, you would love this next level of magical healing.

We invite you to learn, from Nila herself, how you can exponentialize JBP with Vortex of light, Light logues, boost immunity using JBP, offer first aid using JBP, to bring in contributions from divine and earth, and more. Choose to have ease with healing.

Releasing stubborn issues with Advanced Light Matrix Command
Are you someone who faces repeated patterns and feel like you can do with a helping hand in releasing these stubborn issues? Willing to receive help from the elements of universe? 

We invite you to join us as Nila facilitates the group, using Advanced light matrix command,  to release the setup that creates these stubborn issues in your life.  Ready to go beyond releasing the limiting energy? Choose this class to remove the structures and foundations that generate them and hold them in place.

What more? If you are a Light Key Intermediate practitioner and Light Key vortices with Rapid Response Protocol / Light Key frequencies and vortices of Limitless reality practitioner, you can join this call for free! The discount code will be sent to you via email.

Light Key Protocol for Conflict Resolution – Certified
Are you ready to move beyond conflict?  Be it conflict in personal life or professional life or conflict with your body or a legal battle or a war within you – you have a choice to go beyond!

People who attended this class before shared:

“It felt like a personal session. I’m feeling much lighter now. Thank you so much Nila ”
“OMG this was amazing, it felt like a personal healing session with Nila. What a, shift. I experienced a lot of inner child healing.Thank you so Nila”

Are you willing to experience that shift and healing for yourself? You deserve it. Choose this class and gain your power back.

If you are a Star Glow facial practitioner, you can attend this class for free! The discount code will be sent to you via email!

Are you willing to be valuable?

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Empowered Living

Light key Protocol for Regenerating and Rejuvenating the Body with Earth – Certified
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