Are you willing to demand from the universe?

Are you willing to demand from the universe?

How have you been? Hope you are still keeping the vibration high. If you are having any challenge with that, I have something to help you.

Light matrix command

We are all part of the universe and we can command the elements of the universe to bring what we desire. This video will give you more details on this:

Awareness is wealth

If you have attended sessions or classes with me, you might have noticed that I talk about awareness a lot. My favourite phrase is, “Follow your awareness”.

Well, wouldn’t it be awesome if you are aware of:

  • Who can contribute to your finance?
  • What to do to grow your business?
  • What to say to people to create harmony?

What if awareness is wealth? If you are in a people supporting profession like healing, medical, teaching, etc. your awareness plays a key role in your success.

Besides, receiving evidence from after life has helped me tremendously in seeing life differently. It is like seeing the life in bird’s eye view.

In fortnightly awareness development circles, I walk the group through various exercises to develop psychic and mediumship abilities of the participants. There are fun practices to validate your awareness too.

Here is the experience of a participant:

“My merkaba sped off even while Nila was explaining about it. It took me circling around the Earth and then going in through the surface to the center—core of Earth. It felt so peaceful and calm there. It’s as if the densely packed molecules spread to give me space there. It felt very serene. I then asked, ” What am I supposed to do here?”. The answer came, “Take in the energy”. And the molecules that had made space for me, now just rained on me from all sides. I spread my arms to receive it. It felt very soothing, calm (actually these words don’t make a justice to what I was experiencing. I am just trying to fit the experience in these words).”

If you are interested in joining the fortnightly Awareness Development Circle, please follow the link below:

Intermediate class with Nila

Nila will be teaching Light Key intermediate class online on 9th. This is the first time she is teaching this class to live audience. If you are the one who loves to delve into more adventures of life, here is some more treasure of light just for you! There are new practices such as:

  • Prosperity Key
  • Life Key
  • Health Key
  • Fame Key
  • Expansion Key
  • Mastery and Kindness Process
  • Light key experience

These simple amazing light keys and processes will bring more light and expansion into specific areas for which they are designed and empower you to lead a happy and thriving life.

Please feel free to join:

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,