Are you willing to have millions as pocket change?

Are you willing to have millions as pocket change?

How have you been?

How would it be like to have millions as pocket change? Sounds hilarious? What a fun question to blast your limitations! You wouldn’t want to miss this facilitation where Nila nudges Abeer to look at the ‘problem’ differently. Have you concluded your money problems are bigger than you? If you are willing to explore a different possibility – watch this facilitation. Link is at the end.

Instant Relief Protocol is today !

This is Nila’s message today in our social media group:

“Light keys reach far and wide on their own. I simply follow the awareness.This morning I woke up with a clear message to help raise the vibration of humanity! While I was wondering about the message, the certification of Instant Relief Protocol was shown (formerly QFP).

A few weeks back this course jumped up to my surprise and I decided to repeat this class. Now that I am prompted to offer the certification, I believe this is going to be a game changer for many.”

If you are called to join this magic, please jump in:
If you have already attended, you can get a discount code for repeat price. Please check your email or write to

Magic with vortex of light – Emotional balance and vitality

How has life been since the last two Vortex of light meditations? Couple of the many feedback below:

“ I’m acknowledging shifts after my first call with Nila on Oct 24,After almost 17 months I felt a sense of ease and lightness. My mother transitioned in Mar 2019.Feeling light and happy like a butterfly.”

“It was very intense and fascinating”

Ready for another round? Someone wise said – “Do not turn your attention elsewhere in your search for the truth, for it is nowhere else to be found but within your body.”  Shall we clean and balance our body’s energy centres and portals so that you can experience life with ease and grace?

Join us for another experience with your Vortex of light.

Facilitator courses

It’s heartening to see so many practitioners choosing to become facilitators! Gratitude for choosing to spread the light and for your contribution to raise the vibration of the universe. Facilitator courses are coming up for:

1.    Light Key frequencies for limitless reality & Vortices – 7th Nov. Click here to register
2.    Intermediate facilitator- 9th Nov. Click here to register 
3.    JBP facilitator -11th Nov. Click here to register
4.    PAP facilitator -14th Nov. Click here to register

What doors would this open for all of us?

November (Diwali) offers are here – for you !

These offers are our little ways of showing our appreciation to you, for choosing and spreading light across the universe. Choose what calls you – you never know how it may change your life and being!

Are you willing to have millions as pocket change?

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What more magic can we all create together?

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