Are you willing to support yourself?

Are you willing to support yourself?

How are you? I think I have written more newsletters in the past month than I have ever before. Interesting how easy it has become to me. Words just flow the moment I put my fingers on the keyboard. How does it get any better than this?

There were some good questions on the ‘The ultimate truth?‘ video and this is a response to the wonderful questions:

As you can see in the video, you can never understand the every expanding universe from a limited mind. By letting go of trying to understand, you will be able to move into knowing. I hope it gives some more clarity. If you have any questions, please write to me.

Yesterday I facilitated someone who was responding with politically correct answers rather than giving me what was really true for her. She was looking to be right rather than authentic. 3 min into the session I could sense that she was not there for her at all and I told her that there was no point in progressing with the session if she was not willing to have her own back. The moment the recording was turned off, she started to be authentic and her heaviness shifted from intensity 7 to zero within 5 minutes.

Are you being there for you? Do you know what it really means and how it feels like? Join me on the weekly coaching calls that start this Friday (07th Feb):

I do not beat around the bush; I can see through the lies you may not even know you are telling yourself and I do not buy into your limitations. I will keep showing you the possibilities week after week so that you make it a habit to see them too. If you are ready, let’s make some magic together.

As a bonus, I will also be sharing the prosperity anchor I channeled recently which works like a magic for me on Friday’s call. If you “think” you can’t afford to attend all the calls, you can attend each one by going to this link using this password: prosperity333

I am also going to share my insights from 2 decades of experience in facilitating with excellent outcomes on Feb 15th. If you are someone who works with clients one on one, you may like to attend this as these insights have the potency to uplift your business swiftly. Please feel free to join:

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I look forward to seeing you somewhere soon.

Until then, look for something to appreciate every moment.

In appreciation of you,