Ascended Rose of Kindness!

Ascended Rose of Kindness!

How have you been? This is Nila writing this time! Hope you have started the new year with lots of love and light!

I wanted to share an interesting experience with you. I was doing a blessing for a young man who has been depressed for a long time with a history of drug abuse.  He is supposed to be very closed and ungrounded, according to his care taker. To my surprise, he received the blessing very well and sent me a Rose of Kindness from his heart which triggered a huge download about  ‘Ascended Rose of Kindness’.

This energy has cracked open my universe all together. I can’t quite explain this limitless energy. I posted the visual I got in social media and the experiences were amazing. See some of them here:

“Pulsing love to my heart.
I have had a heart condition that last 3-years I think brought on by lots of stress from people mainly.
This seems to be a feeling I’ve never had before but it is lovely, like knowing what my heart needs”

“My feeling is like coming to my spiritual home
like a huge hag
Serenity and lots of love.
Magnetic and more
Like everything it’s o.k.
Thank you

“My cells are spinning while gazing… amazing thank you🤗”

Please feel free to experience it for yourself by simply looking at the visual.  This is just a small taster of this energy.

We are going to be doing a meditative journey with Ascended Rose of Kindness on Thursday in the 3 in 1 session. In addition to this journey, you will also receive trance healing from Dr. Mosho, the spirit doctor and his team and a Blessing from the Source of Light.

If this calls you, please join me:

Light Key protocol – to heal abuse and trauma

Practitioners have experienced life changing shifts using this protocol.

“I have used it for chronic pain for my son in DC. He has herniated disc between L4 and L5 which causes sciatica pain and numbness in his foot. He says pain is reduced and numbness seems to have almost gone.”

“Hi Nila… I see tremendous change in my self esteem, confidence and ease. I used attract abusive , controlling relationships, it started changing. I feel more comfortable and grounded and fearless with people around me.”

Light Key facilitators Elaine and Suguna invite you to learn this profound protocol to shift your path and to choose empowerment with ease.

Synchronizing the body with earth for Health, Wealth & Happiness

Can you hear the rustle as the leaves fall? It decomposes and reunites with the earth as one. Underneath the earth, there’s a lifeforce of its own, unknown to many. To many, the soil may seem as dirt but there’s an intricate ecosystem of rest, a process of rejuvenation and renewal. There’s a network of intelligence unseen and unknown to the naked eye. We are earth, we came from the earth, and we return to the earth. It’s the cycle of death and birth, endings and beginnings.

This call connects you to the intelligence of the earth. We invite you to this call as Nila leads the group to connect, receive and contribute to the planet. Choose to enhance your human living on earth – to live in health, wealth, and happiness.

Light Key blessing for ease!


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Light key protocol for conscious manifestation


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In appreciation of you,
IH team