Ask and Receive!

Ask and Receive!

Dear friends,

How have you been?

I have been grand, making great changes for me and people who are willing to step up. What else is possible?

A mother brought her son in his 20s to me to clear some addictive behaviour. We worked on clearing the entities and the guy was not willing to step up. He was going around in circles for a few minutes and told me that the entities had a message for me and they wanted him to deliver that. I said I was not interested in working with anybody other than him and he can leave if he was not going to be present for the session. That made a huge shift for him and then he started releasing more and more. He left as a very peaceful young man looking forward to use his awareness to his advantage. How does it get any better than that? 

The holiday season and new year are fast approaching. Have you asked what you like to receive in the new year? Have you been asking and frustrated that things are not showing up? Have you tried everything and feel stuck? Would you like to know how to ask and receive magically?

Join me in my ‘Ask and Receive’ 2 call series to learn the art of Asking and Receiving with ease. What can this short series give you:
* More clarity on your desires
* Tools and techniques to actualize your desires
* Clearing the limitations to receiving

Would you like to gift yourself more empowerment to start the new year?

 I have been keeping my special offer as a secret, brilliant, right? Here is the festival offer: 45 min of private session for 30£. What can you change with this great offer? Note that this is applicable only for Skype/Telephone session.

If you like to book, please visit: 

Did any of you knew that I had passion for dance? I choreographed after 15 years for a flash mob! Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I asked for it and received it magically! What else do I do? I and my team set up websites and maintain them, do graphics work (brochures, banners, covers, headers, ebooks etc) and more.

If you or your friends have any requirement, please feel free to contact us:

Did you like our holiday gift packs?

How about gifting yourself one?

If you are looking to do bars/ body process/ foundation/ Level class in the holiday period, please get in touch with me. Do you know that I can teach 50+ body processes for various body conditions. They are truly magical. I’ll write to you again before Christmas. Keep asking until then.

Infinite gratitude,
Nila / Nimi