Attunements, Meditation and Manifestation

Attunements, Meditation and Manifestation

Find a little kindness for you! After all, kindness is the most precious superpower you have. All you have to do is tap into the ocean of kindness within you. When you be kind to yourself, your magic spills out into the world. You do not expect kindness from anyone but be the source for whoever is yet to discover it within themselves.

Join Nila for ‘Kindness Meditation For Peace’ and pamper yourself with this invaluable gift.
Waves of Kindness to you

Who are you being with your body?

Are you in allowance of your body? Do you judge it and expect it to be a certain way or do you allow it to express itself like it would wish to be?

Is illness your body’s signal for attention or do you resent the energies of illness?

Would you like to have a paradigm shift in the way you relate to your body?

Join Nila in the ‘Health and Body Intensive’ series of calls as she facilitates you with her laser-sharp questions to bring up the unconsciousness and transmute it to awareness. The 3rd call in the series is on the 26th of April. You can join live for this call and buy all four  (recordings of previous and upcoming live ) calls at a discount and save 23$ 

Are your manifestations working for you?
Your life is your manifestation, whether you are aware or not. If you are not happy, then you might be creating life from an unconscious space. If you were to light up within and create with awareness rather than unconsciousness, what magic would the Universe hold for you?

What can dispel darkness better than the Vortex of Light? The Vortex of Light is the source of light in action with the collective consciousness.

More often than not, our manifestations require contribution from the consciousness of many people. The vortex of light can bring forth the consciousness to transpire that which is required to bring forth your desire.

Learn ‘Vortex of Light Meditation for Manifesting Desires’ with Nila to bring to your awareness that you are the source of that which you seek! 

Soak up some uplifting vibes!
Your body is surrounded by energy and it moves in energy. There is energy within and energy without. It is made of energy. Gift your – self some energy boost and raise the vibes of your body so that it can vibrate higher with your being with the Well-Being, Prosperity, and Harmony Attunements with Expert Healers Tamanna, Monika, and Anupama.

Receive the magic that these wonderful ladies are gifting you to create more authenticity, vibrancy, and opportunities. Sign up here: 

How does your body feel?
Do you feel lightness in your body? Do you move around with a spring in your step? Think about children who are full of energy and enthusiasm. They aren’t weighed down by judgments, beliefs, and points of view. 

Joyous Body Protocol helps the body to release all that does not contribute and move into a joyful, restful, healed space. 

This is an invitation to you to reclaim the kindness and choice you can be with your body!

Heal your body to shift it into a joyful state with the Joyous Body Protocol class with Facilitator Winnie. Learn this simple protocol in 3 hours and practice just 15-20 minutes every day to kick start the body’s self-healing ability.

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