Audio clearing for addiction

Audio clearing for addiction

How have you been? It is almost an year since I wrote to you and I hope you have created many magic and miracles in the meantime.

I wanted to share something very personal with you – I lost my father recently and this was the tribute I posted in the facebook:

//He was a man of principle and discipline. I choose to celebrate his life and his new adventure in this infinite universe. By for now, my beloved Appa. You hold a very grand place in your darling daughter’s heart <3//

I know people who grieve for years- well, I grieved for my baby for 8 years until I found my connection to the spirit world. Now I can recognize that people don’t vanish; they just change their presence to a different dimension. It’s like knowing that the loved ones who live in a foreign country is there even though we don’t see them daily.  The theme of 99% of the mediumship readings I give is to let go and live our own life. What if we can honour their infiniteness and their choice to move on to a different dimension? Yes, I do celebrate my father’s choice regardless of what other people think!

Miracle story

I love to catalog my miracle stories as they help to anchor the vibration of empowerment. Do you write down the magic you create? I would love to hear about them and include in the miracle stories ebook and my youtube channel. Give me shout, if you have one.

See how the universe responded immediately to my request for a smile 🙂

I was returning from my intense trip in India and really in need of some lightness. While walking to the immigration queue at the airport, I was asking the universe to show me something that makes me smile. I was looking around for babies as they are my normal source of lightness but well, universe had a special plan for me. As I joined the queue, I saw my favourite comedian standing right in front of me and guess what, grin didn’t leave my face for a while. What more magic can I co-create with this kind universe?

Audio download

Addiction to anything is an attempt to escape or avoid something. What are you trying to escape – is it the potency of you? your intense awareness? this reality? What if you can have ease with everything you are trying to escape? Try running this access consciousness audio in a loop as much as possible for a few days and see how it changes your choices:

You can also have access to more resources from my youtube channel:

This newsletter is not about selling anything. You do not have to buy anything from me. I enjoy creating more giggles and smiles in this universe by sharing my experiences in my silly language. Feel free to share the resources if you think these can make someone smile…

What more magic can we create together?

Much Love,