Audio Download and Angel Hugs :—)

Audio Download and Angel Hugs :—)

How are you? I am well and thanks for caring 🙂 If you are my FB friend, you would know that I am having so much fun playing and expanding.If you are not, please feel free to join the fun:

Tool of the day

The original meaning of ‘want’ is ‘lack’. When you want something, how is your vibration? Is it light or heavy? Energy, being the language of the universe –  would you like to send the frequency of lack into the universe? Are you willing to let go of your wants? Ah… do I sense a resistance here? Would you rather want it or have it? By releasing the wants, by being ok with having or not having what you desire, you are creating much more space to create what you desire.

Sedona method gives you a very simple technique to release wants. Would you like to give it a try? Think of something you really really want to have. Bring up all the thoughts, feelings and emotions associated with it.

Can you welcome all of it? As much as you can? Could you let it go? (No right or wrong answer here. Be honest with yourselves) (This question prompts you to recognize that you are in charge always.)

Would you let it go? (This question makes you recognize that it is a simple choice.)

When? (This question encourages you to let it go now) Here is the audio version of this exercise repeated 3 times.Feel free to play as many times as you would like and feel liberated:

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Are you willing to receive contribution from being of light? By receiving, what gift are you being to them and the universe? Nimi invites you to open up and receive the hugs from angels ! Yes you heard it right  – angels 🙂

Magical journey into Infinite Possibilities – 4 call series Coming soon

Kind hugs and infinite gratitude,