Audio download for claiming all of you

Audio download for claiming all of you

How you be today? Did you enjoy the audio loop I sent last week? Are you playing it in the background? What is changing for you and your body? What magic are you choosing to create? I would love to hear from you.

Miracle story

For a few years now, I have noticed that people respond to my thoughts without having to say anything out loud but the experience has intensified recently. Last week I kept thinking of listening to the piece on immortal soul from one of Gary’s classes. When I went to meet my friend Daniela, she was playing a recording from a 4 day class and the first thing I heard was exactly that piece. From 100s of recordings, she chose to play that at that moment! How does it get any better than that? On the same day my hubby was returning from overseas and I decided to give him a surprise by receiving him at the airport without informing him. I did go to the airport and received him but he was not very surprised as he told me that he somehow knew I was there and he was looking for me. I am wondering how I can use this capacity to create more. What else is possible? So, what message did you receive from me last week? 🙂

Tool of the day

Are you one of the many people who wake up feeling heavy and dense? I have been one for many years and it changed a lot since I started doing access. Recently, my mornings have not been very light and I guess I am picking up a lot from conflict zones. I am able to change that quickly and I thought I will share the tools with you:

1. When you go to bed, ask ‘What would it take for me to wake up happy?’

2. When you wake up, thank your body for the awareness it gives you and ask ‘Body, can you show me other possibilities?’

3. Instead of making the heaviness wrong, simply ask ‘How far should I expand to have ease with this awareness?’

I am also doing something different now and if it is light for you, give it a go. We tune in to the sadness and heaviness automatically. Perhaps, that’s the frequency we most resonate with or that’s what is the predominant emotion around us.

What if we choose to tune into the frequency of laughter, joy and fun instead without excluding anything? Just a choice? What if our body is like a tuning fork and we can choose the frequency? Would you like to ask if it would like to change the resonance frequency? If enough of us change the frequency we choose would it be a contribution to the universe? Would we be creating a reality beyond drama and trauma? What do you know? How would it be if your body wakes up resonating with all the joy in the world and also with the awareness of what is going around you? How would that change your life and living? Hey, I use the tools in the weirdest of the ways. I might drop it in the next 10 sec. Follow your knowing, not mine, ok?

Need your help

You may have noticed that I am not doing as many classes and telecalls as I used to do. Have you heard of 3 elements of business – creating, moving and connecting? I can be all the 3 but I love the creative space and really function very well in that space. I have a good team in India to move things for me and I am looking for connectors. Do you know anyone who may be interested in connecting me with people who are looking for me? What contribution can you be for me and my work?


Being an obsessive compulsive creator, I have been creating products to bring more ease and joy into your lives. We now have 10 keys – Access 10 commandments app for both IPhone and Android. You can select the commandments, set frequency in which you like to be reminded and Gary reminds you in his voice with text. How does it get any better than this. Would you like to play?

What contribution would this ‘Quick Stress Relief’ app be for you?

We also have bars class presentation to create more ease with your class:

Many of us have problems with showing up with all our potency, talents, abilities and capacities. This week’s audio loop is to clear everything that does not allow you to show up as the magnificient you.

Please feel free to download and share: (This link expires on September 5th 2014)

Please feel free to buy ‘Expanding beyond fear’ through the below link.

What other contribution can I be for you?

Infinite gratitude, Nila/Nimi