Audio for winning the lottery

Audio for winning the lottery

How have you been? I have been fabulous. Thanks for asking. The ‘Seducing money’ class was so much fun for me and I am so grateful for the people who joined the call. I got so many new ideas from the class for creating a new product or class called ‘Opening the flood gates of money’. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

Tool of the day:

If you keep creating something that is not working for you just ask yourself, ‘How old am I being when I create this?’ Look at the events that made you get stuck in that age and clear the charges around it. Just having the awareness that you are creating your life from the past could change your choices and create a huge shift. What would it take for you to create a life that works for you?

Please feel free to contact me if you like to have a private session. But What if you don’t have to spend money on a private session if you can just choose something different?

Finding the Right Lover for you:

How would it be to have someone who is nurturing, caring and kind to you and your body? Someone who can be a grand contribution to your life and living? Have you been waiting or searching for a lover for a long time? What is the missing information that you require to allow this person to find you? Would you like to learn how to use the magical access consciousness tools to attract great relationship with total ease?

Join me for a fun class next SUNDAY. Class recording is provided and so you don’t have to worry if you can’t attend live. Would you like to host this class in your area? Would you be willing to make some money while attending some cool classes?
Contact me!

New products on the shop:

The following new audio classes are added to the shop: Abundance with ease Lightness of living The Gorgeous You Break the patterns that keep you stuck Expand your business with ease Expand your business with ease – 3 call series Expand your business with ease in Tamil – 2 call series Don’t purchase any of these as they could change and shift your life 🙂

Audio clearing for winning the lottery:

Here is the long awaited audio for winning the lottery: (Please take full responsibility for the outcome if you download and use it.) What grand contribution can we all be to each other?

Infinite gratitude,