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Basic Protocols Facilitation

💖 What would you teach, if you become the facilitator for this course?

Light Key protocols are a series of steps incorporating the energy of Light Keys and Light Key frequencies to address specific issues. These protocols are gentle, easy to use, yet very powerful. These can be learnt by anyone and practiced on their own.

People feel stuck in certain situations, feel resentment, suppress their true feelings, unable to handle conflicts, unable to forgive, and sometimes experiencing repeated patterns in life. These issues can be won over by using these protocols.

In an effort to spread the benefits of these protocols to more and more people across every continent, we are now offering teaching programs. This class is for practitioners who are interested in teaching the 4 basic Light Key protocols as listed below:

  • Healing Abuse and Trauma
  • Clearing Energy Blocks
  • Golden wings of Kindness [forgiveness]
  • Baby peace
💖 Pre-requisites

In order to maintain a certain quality and sanctity to the teaching process, we recommend some pre-requisites. They are as follows:

💖 Qualification attained

Those who complete the training and a simple exam successfully will be certified as the ‘Facilitator of Basic Light Key protocols

💖 Validity & Obligations of a facilitator:

The validity of the certificate is of 1 year. The certified Facilitator has the following obligations:

  • The fees that you charge for conducting the class, needs to be a minimum price specified by Infinite Healing.
  • The facilitator needs to pay 10% of the class fee to Infinite Healing. This will be a minimum of 10$ per class per protocol.
  • The facilitator needs to send the list of their students promptly to Infinite Healing.
💖 Testimonials

“Thank you. I just did the protocol for abuse and trauma, twice, and felt this huge energy shift coming through me. I have no words to describe the change. Thank you, thank you so much!”

The magical lady Nila’s protocols are very effective and I highly recommend it for anyone who’s interested to change any situation in their lives.I have used all of them and have got very good results.These are very easy to follow and it gives amazing results.

💖 What next?

If you are interested in spreading this light to people around you, you can register your interest by filling out this form so that you can be informed of the next training session.

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