Be a catalyst, not a candle!

Be a catalyst, not a candle!

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Catalyst or candle?

When I started my reiki healing practice, I got so burnt out. I used to feel very drained and sick after the sessions. I got so scared of doing healing and gave up doing any sort of physical healing – no matter which modality I learnt – well, until I realized that the burn out was because of me and how to be a conscious healer.

I recognized that I was “doing” the healing myself instead of simply being the space for healing and allowing the receiver to choose. I had a fixed outcome in my mind and pushed that agenda on the receivers unconsciously and in the process, I was giving away my physical energy to compensate for their lack of receiving. Phew…!

This is the reason why I often tell our facilitators not to buy into the “problems” of people. Do not try to heal issues but show the receivers the possibilities and allow them to choose.

My clientele includes people with severe abuse issues – emotional, sexual, financial, physical… you name it. Most of the time, they are very close to their story and have a very strong resistance to let it go. It is easy to go down with them in the name of compassion as some of the stories are really sad but I now refuse to take that path. I stand cold and solid for them to see that there are other possibilities. Even if some of them get offended in the beginning and even abuse me, they start seeing the way out from their trap at some point because I am outside the trap.

That’s the power of detachment – Be there like a catalyst that does neither reacts with other chemicals nor diminishes but enhances the effectiveness of the reactions where it is present.

I still see people performing healing for approval and getting burnt out, just like I did. That’s the reason why I created the ‘Conscious and Prosperous Healer’ intensive program. The basic course was received so well. See what people said:

“Thank you so much Nila. Lots of eye opening questions were asked and lots of myths were busted in this intense class. I can feel the barriers go down. Deep gratitude!”

“Thank you so much this class is like assimilation of all the classes I have done with you so far, like connecting the dots”

“I have been facilitating for many years and this class gave me many insights and deep awareness”

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