Beginning of limitless reality?

Beginning of limitless reality?

How have you been doing in this intense time on earth?

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5D reality

For about 6 months I have been having awareness of 5D (5 dimensions) reality. I don’t exactly understand what it is but I have a sense that it is a higher vibrational reality where there is no limitation. It is the energy of the source of light & source of life!

My awareness is that all that’s going on in the world right now is creating a portal to this new reality on the planet. As our vibrations raise, our body has to catch up too. That may be one of the reasons some of you are going through heavy detox.

It is interesting that how all the information I have channeled in the past few months are now starting to make more sense. The light keys, frequencies and processes are preparing us for this huge shift! To think of it, I am very humbled to be an instrument.

Personally, my life has taken 180 deg turn in one year – almost unrecognizable. In this one year, I underwent challenging times & my business suffered a major set back but all these created space for me to roll out light keys and channel more.

Having been identified as a hypochondriac, germophobe and an empath for a long time, I am pretty surprised how calm I have been in the midst of all the panic and chaos. Going beyond these labels with the help of light keys have been like walking in a land of magic.

The glimpse of possibilities I experience and see are very inviting and inspiring. I do not see doom and gloom – I see the end of limited realities. Yes, please feel free to call me delusional 🙂

See some of the experiences of my fellow light key practitioners:

Nila i want to share. I use awareness to know how much dividend ongc equity share give i got exact no.”

It is helping me, yawning a lot. My sore throat and knee pain both have subsided.”

this might seem crazy but I think the fluid protocol is making me lose weight.. which is great! I don’t have scale but from my clothes I feel like some areas in my body has shrink. Definitely looking forward to our next protocol

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