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Beyond imagination… what would that be?

Beyond imagination… what would that be?

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, asks if we can imagine something that we do not know about? A beautiful question, indeed. Perhaps, we are limiting the possibilities when we ask for something that we can imagine? So he suggests that we ask for things to show up that are beyond our imagination.

One day I was thinking about this and wondered what can show up which is beyond what I have ever imagined. In the next few days, I got to sleep by this stunning stream in a motorhome. The sound from the stream was the best lullaby I ever heard. The water was so pristine and it was such a treat to my senses. That was the best sleeping experience I ever had in my life.

Right, how is this related to the topic?

In my visualization exercises I used to imagine me having an office by a beautiful stream. To me, sleeping by the river was beyond imagination… I don’t have words to express the joy I had from this experience… So, what can add more joy to our lives today which is beyond our imagination?

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