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Blast Away Self Doubt to Embrace the Magical You

Blast Away Self Doubt to Embrace the Magical You

Nila has announced a time sensitive, insane offer – She is offering 4 products and 2 bonuses for the price of 1, i.e. just for $144.00 $48.00. ‘Magical You’ is available only till 30th September. Read on to know why it is time sensitive:

1. Live Call – Wave Your Wand for Change
Release stuckness and tune into a higher vibe with choice! If you have been looking for change but are unsure how it will happen, then this call will show you that you have a choice to change things. Get in charge! Don’t forget, you will get a recording too, like every other course so that you can tune in to this magical gift as often as you like to empower your self!

2. 30 day access to Healing Chamber for Magical Changes
Healing Chambers are energetic spaces which you can access to receive downloads for whatever purpose they are activated for! Nila will create a chamber for Magical Changes in the Body.

The users can connect to the chambers by using the access instructions that will be provided by email on 30th September. The chamber will be active for 30 days from 1st October.

What Magic can you create for your body with this?

3. A Light Key Grid for Embracing the Magical You
Grids are a potent drawing combining sacred geometry and light keys, for a specific outcome. You simply have to print them out and leave them around you to receive energy from the Universe. This grid will help you get in touch with your own inner magic.

4. Group Blessing for Manifesting a Desire
Whatever it is you desire, the abundance of the Universe can provide for it. Blessings are energetic transmissions from the source to allow it to come to your reality. Are you willing to receive?

5. Bonus 1 – A lightlogue for tuning into your magic
Lightlogues are divine art forms that you can engage with for various outcomes. You can gaze at them, touch them, meditate on them or color them.

6. Bonus 2 – An audio loop for letting the magic shine
Bring out your inner glow and shine by simply listening to this loop actively or on low volume!

Register here: 

Experience Freedom and Choice
Nila is doing a basic protocol class to release the unhealthy attachments to people and concepts on 29th. Nila is gifting a bonus class called ’Inviting Money by Releasing Attachments’ for the participants. This bonus class will become a paid product after the class.

As Nila says, any attachment is a limitation and by releasing the attachments you can not only embrace your choice & power  but also gift your loved ones the unconditional love they deserve.

It may appear like a thin line separates attachment and love but the difference is huge!

Join the class to experience the magic of pure love!

Create True Riches
When we get in touch with our authentic desires, remove the blocks preventing it and energize seeds of desire, prosperity and abundance flow in as a natural outcome.

Join Nila for a wonderful ‘Prosperity Activation Program’ where she will lead the group through this 3 step process. Early Bird Offer expires on the 28th September!

Join her here to enjoy creating abundance.
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