Blessings and Transformations

Blessings and Transformations

Transformation is calling!

You have been waiting to get unstuck and change your life!

Yet you find it difficult to get off that hamster’s wheel because you don’t exactly know what this wheel is, and how you are running on it!

Nila is offering a 12% discount on her 30 minute private session till 21st June.

Why choose a private session?

Because you live just once (in this body at least)… You can save years of stuckness and go chase your dreams with more clarity and confidence.

She has a gifted awareness that can bring up connections from lifetimes that may be impacting you. You might be operating from generational wisdom that may be no longer relevant or even might be counter-productive!

She has a toolkit of multiple healing modalities coupled with awareness that spans across dimensions.

How is that relevant to you?

It means when you sign up with her, you get a multi dimentional approach to your problem or issue – therapist, healer, psychic all rolled in one.

No need to visit people from multiple modalities – saves on time, effort and get a chance to resolve your concern in the best possible way.

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“Nila, thank you so much for the gift of the personal session. You are right about transformation happening at supersonic speed. I look and feel different. Also I received a lot of new people at my new job yesterday, all those who wish to contribute and collaborate – the power of Expansion. Love & Gratitude “

“It was an amazing session. Now I am able to breathe easily and I got the thing that I don’t to have a business to have floods of money and freedom. I can create be it from the point where I’m right now.Thank you so much.”

“Thank you so very much, for your awareness, it always bang on! In our private session last night, I released something huge, and there is a sense of lightness in my mind and body, it’s like, it has opened up so much more for me, about myself and my potency ! Heartfelt gratitude”

The youtube link for a wonderful blessing from dolphins and sirians is given at the end. Experience the lightness from beyond the realms.

JBP Again! 

Tamanna is teaching the beloved Joyous Body Protocol class!

Go here to know more about this certified healing modality – excellent energetic self care practice and great to use for clients as a professional healer. Go here to know more:

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“I have attended Tamanna mam’s JBP certificate session. The way she makes us understand and perform is full of so much kindness! She is so kind to guide us always. I am still practicing jbp ritualy every day, truly. I feel jbp does all areas of healing and is as a guardian angel for me! To mend relationships, to heal hearts, to heal bodies, to give protection, you name it and it is granted by this darling genie JBP.I strongly recommend to receive this gift of Nila mam by taking this class! Thank you Nila mam and Thank you Tamanna mam”

“I did JBP on my sis in law today who was very tired and gng thru a lot.. instantly she went into deep sleep snoring.. she could feel the electrifying energy and when she got up she was too fresh, the face was glowing such that my brother complimented that wow u r looking fresh..”

“JBP Magic keeps rocking.My father in law was having tooth pain since past 3 days, taking pain killers daily night, last night he was open to receive healing, I did JBP, he didn’t took medicine and next morning he said pain is completely gone, so greatful”

YouTube Link – Full Moon Blessing from Dolphins, Whales and Sirians

We have an amazing workshop coming up with NilaGolden Body and Impeccable Health with Light Matrix (

This workshop will use Light Matrix Commands which transmute stuck energies, stubborn blocks, resistances by transmuting them to creative energies.

What’s more? Would you like to attend this workshop for practically free? Check out our YouTube Limitless Membership.

The membership cost is peanuts compared to the offering!

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In appreciation of You,
Team Light Keys Wellness System