Blessings from source of light!

Blessings from source of light!

How have you been?

We, Nila and team, wish you  and all your loved ones a prosperous and safe Diwali!

A gift to your body – from Nila! Grab your favourite drink, relax where you are and switch on the video (link at the end) – great questions which will take you deep into your body! Wonder how many ‘aha’ moments you receive from this. Nila also shares her awareness of asking open-ended questions.

What contribution is this body condition (part) being for my life and living? What gift is this being for me that am not aware of? What miracle is happening already that I am not being aware of? These are just couple of the many questions to open you to infinite possibilities with your body– click the video link for more! Enjoy this experience sitting up or lying down.

Blessings from the source of light and beings of light!

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November lightlogues

During this festival of lights, we invite you to initiate and enjoy your conversation with light – by colouring these lightlogues or by simply meditating on them. Children are also drawn towards this! What a fun way to initiate awareness in young minds.

Awareness Development circle – is tomorrow!

Most of us “understand” that we are divine but do we experience? ADC takes you on a journey to experience your divinity.
“it was so awesome. I am unable to even open my eyes. I felt something happening on third eye and forehead, as if someone is touching and drawing lines”

Join us in these journeys and embrace your divine self.

Joyous embodiment – on Sale !

This class contains advanced protocols and processes to have joyous experience with bodies in the universe. Many practitioners use these processes creatively to create light and lightness in their universe.

“I have an issue of low bp…low oxygen content in my blood was the diagnosis from doctor. From 2 days I’m doing ozonization and mineralization process. I’m feeling energetic….easy breath, no shortness of breath, no tired feeling”

This course is on sale this month. Click below to find out more.

Facilitator courses

New facilitator classes are being announced on-demand. If you are interested, please register your interest here:

Asking question to change body conditions!

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List of Upcoming Classes:

Training for Facilitators of Prosperity Activation Program

Finding your Super Power

Going beyond black magic and curses (Certified)

Light Key Expert Healer (Certified)


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