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What happens when a 97 year old God Father receives JBP?

We hope this email finds you happy and smiling. If you find yourself triggered or craving for happiness, then go watch this video by Nila to move into a happy space instantly and unconditionally! Nila walks you through an EFT routine in this video to create happiness just like that! No more relying on people, ...

Breathe Life in to your Life

We hope you have been creating joy for you, your body and all of your life this new year! How about jet setting into 2022 with tools for creating and opening up spaces for growth, wellness and awareness?! A short exercise for you. List one possibility (not goal – possibility has no preconditions and definition ...

Unlock the possibilities you hold within you

Hope magic is becoming commonplace in your life. Adding some more magic to your life - We came across an interesting concept -Matter is just frozen possibilities! If you were to consider this just for a moment, how many possibilities are you carrying in your body? When you choose lightness, how many possibilities can you ...

A magical story & Live call

If you are a healer, therapist, coach, shaman, or generally interested in energy medicine, you might have heard the term ‘Lightworker’ being used often. Ever wondered what is all this ‘Light’ being referred to? Consider the states of water. Ice, water, steam are all same chemically. For the same amount of water, the distance between ...

Get yourself pampered!

What would you say about a technique that is Super simple - easy to learn (in just 3 hours) and apply on yourself and others – immediately. Kickstarts your body’s healing capacity Gets you groovy – uplifts your mood Puts you in a deeply relaxed and restful state Listen to Facilitator Smriti Shivdasani talk about ...

Would you like an Abundance Passport

We wish you a very happy 2022! We hope you enjoyed your holidays and you are looking forward to the year ahead. Start this year with a magic protocol that lets you let go of the feeling of lack that keeps you limited and feeling deprived. It can keep you conflicted about your ability to ...

Make 2022 an Abundant Year

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season. We, Light Key Wellness Team, wish you all a very grand new year. Here is a video for you from the team: Kickstart the new year with a live call with Nila and loads of bonuses! The Glow and Flow package has some super bonuses added to ...

Santa is Staying Back

Hope you are enjoying the holidays in the way you like. Did you get grand presents from Santa? What if you were your own Santa! Gift yourself the tools to create 2022 the way you want. Empower yourself with a quick, joyful, enlightening manifestation technique – The Light Key Protocol for Conscious Manifestation to move from Struggle ...

Want to manifest easily and quickly?

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Are you a manifestation enthusiast? You might want to check Nila’s video about the 2 components of manifestation that will enable you to manifest quickly. Link is given at the end. If you have been using the law of attraction principles, you believe that you ...

How the 5 year old Tanay stopped the rain!

One good thing about the children is that they believe in magic and make some effortlessly.  When we saw Tanay, a 5 year old Light Key Practitioner’s video on light matrix, Nila decided to have a conversation with him. For sure,  this little magician stole all our hearts when he shared his experiences with light ...