[Bonus] Awaken the Body for Health and Vitality

[Bonus] Awaken the Body for Health and Vitality

Balance Your Body Fluids

How would your body be, if its fluids were balanced? Would your body like that? Did it just lighten up? Join Nila in the Light Key Protocol for Fluid Balance to bring a smile to your body’s bio fluids!

What’s even better, you will get the class ‘Creating Energy Flow for Healthy Body’ as a bonus where you will learn how to use this protocol to resolves emotional and energetic blockages to restore energy flow to organ systems. A share from a previous class:

“Since Sunday midnight suddenly I was hvng lots of heaviness in my head and it accompanied me till Tuesday noon ,that was the time we could connect on a call and the Magic u created through Light Key Frequencies and help me balance through Body Fluids Protocol was amazing. The weight of heaviness just whoosh vanished in few seconds .Thank you for guiding me and always be there to guide us. GRATITUDE.”

“This might seem crazy but I think the fluid protocol is making me lose weight.. which is great!I don’t have scale but from my clothes I feel like some areas in my body has shrink.Definitely looking forward to our next protocol”

Why wouldn’t you choose?

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Rekindle Your Body’s Intelligence

All your cells have the intelligent consciousness to evolve into a complete body from a single cell. The body has its own intelligence system. However it is not autonomous and runs on the old programs of limitations if not instructed otherwise. Activate this intelligence to create the magnificent body that you desire! Join the Advanced Light Key Protocol for Activating the Body’s Intelligence Systems.

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Hop onto the Journey of Possibilities

Did you check the latest Facilitator Training for Ease on Earth? It has been offered as a special introductory price. If you have been considering becoming a facilitator and expanding your life, would you facilitate these beautiful protocols and allow them to contribute them to you.

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Watch Karen Leslie, a facilitator of the Light Key Wellness System classes share her joy of Light Keys and the contribution and expansion they have brought to her life. Watch the video here:

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