**Break Free From The Past**

**Break Free From The Past**

A week has flown by already since we entered the month of August. The session on ‘Releasing Fear, Anxiety and Depression Permanently and Completely’was received very well. Many people chose to snap out of it instantly while some committed to continue the work and release it. Nila had a unique take on the above and even worked on the impressions that you carry from past lives that affect you now. If you missed it or would like to continue the work, you can purchase the recording here


“Feels so different and so light. Like anything is possible now, Thank you so much Nila, wonderful experience”

“Amazing experience today. So grateful ma’am

Feeling ease after this exercise..Thankyou Nila ma’am”

We are buzzing with excitement at Infinite Healing as we embark on a unique journey of clearing up the past impressions that keep us enslaved to our patterns against our will. Oftentimes, in spite of all the work we do to heal ourselves, we might hit a road block as there is unconsciousness lurking in the form of ‘Slavery’. These are mass consciousness imprints that we carry across cultures and lifetimes. This aspect of mastery requires a different approach that addresses it uniquely.

It is like ‘Getting off the grid’. Beat the conditioning and programming matrix and embrace choice with the 3 call series ‘Shedding the Shackles of Slavery’


“The best thing I received from this session was a sense of Freedom —– from the loop of thoughts that run in my head all the time. How much they were ruling my life! I feel my head has become very light, more clearer and I feel more happier”

There is more energetic support pouring in from magical realms in the form of transmissions.

The transmissions are energetic contributions from higher beings that can change and transform any aspect of life totally.

The transmissions are happening LIVE and you will get the recordings too. There are 4 transmissions this month. You can purchase them individually or altogether at a great discount!

They are Mother Akasha, Ganesh, Guardian Angel and Sirian Elders. Go here to know more and purchase


Do check out the 11$coupon offer on the page that can be redeemed on one of the 3 courses mentioned on the page as well.

“It was intense… and my body went through kind of a detox… Thank you, it was beautiful and didn’t wanna eat for 24 hours 😅”

Our favourite class is happening again!

Tamanna is facilitating the Joyous Body Protocol class on the 17th August. We are a lil biased towards this class. After all, it’s a life altering, body transforming class. You get to learn a complete, simple, versatile modality in just 3 hours. It helps with chronic illnesses, boosts immunity, brings ease with the body, heals infections. The protocol is a series of steps incorporating the light keys and frequencies. It is simple, does not require any previous meditation or healing experience. You can get certified and offer sessions to clients at no extra cost!


“I want to share my experience with JBP
My very close relative was suffering from Stone pain and UTI infection .. severe pain , anxiety and fearful couldn’t sleep through out the night .. I ran JBP along with Light medicine reset protocol frequencies and in the background Lightmatrix command was running in loop.. it’s been four days now she has no pain no infection in her body .. we went for picnic on Sunday she was absolutely fine .. 

Thank you Nila for these beautiful frequencies protocols and keys have become like a medical store to buy any sort of medicine, for any kind of healing required by the body …just like pop a pill n magic happens .. thank you for creating these magical healing pills ( frequencies)🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”

Let go of the past powerfully! We give you one more awesome reason to practice forgiveness and release past resentments. Nila is leading the Free Practice Session on Forgiveness Protocol.

You can join LIVE for FREE and sign up to purchase the recording here:


Open new doors of possibilities for your health and relationships with the Basic Light Key Protocol for Forgiveness

If you aren’t a practitioner of the Forgiveness Protocol yet, you can purchase it here while it is on discount:


Here is what inspired the session in Nila’s words:

I am so inspired to share this… Some times it’s easy for us to forgive others than ourselves. I realized that and have been doing forgiveness protocol on the parts of me that I judge… There is so much shift and I like to share some:

1) Happy for no reason
2) 40% higher turnover than expected (doing 50% less)
3) Lightness in the body (old clothes are starting to fit!)
4) Clearing long pending chores – put off for months!
5) Deep sleep & waking up with a smile!
6) Creative ideas flowing
7) Stagnation in certain areas is lifting

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