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Breaking free from the past – Clearing audio

Breaking free from the past – Clearing audio

What’s up? Did you miss me and my clearing loops? 🙂 I have been busy doing the tax and sessions.In fact, my Sunday is full on – overbooked! How does it get any better than this? What more magic can I create?

Miracle story

Here is the video link for another miracle I created:

I and my hubby were traveling in Australia a couple of years back. We hired a boat and lived in the great barrier reef area part of the ocean for 7 days. It was a fabulous experience. One day when we were cruising, I told my hubby that I wanted to see Dolphins. He replied that Dolphins are not available in that part of the ocean. Normally I would have bought into that point of view as he is an info-freak. But I chose to be in question and said, “It’s ok but I like to see them. What else is possible here?” and I also called the dolphins and asked them to show them to me. The second day, I saw some movements and yes, you guessed it right! There were 3 dolphins playing and bouncing around the boat. It was such a treat and I was jumping in the boat 🙂 What else can we create if we talked to every molecule of this universe?

Tool of the day

I am glad in sharing another simple tool to increase your vibration. Buy a notebook or create a file in your computer and call it as a happy book. Start writing down your happy memories in detail whenever you get time. Also create a habit of adding all that made you happy every day – from little things to huge miracles. When you feel heavy or upset, take this book and read. The vibration shifts very quickly.

Here is the video:

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My Gift to you

By working with so many people, I find that we often function from the past and creating/recreating the same patterns over and over again. Are you willing to destroy and uncreate your past and break free from the patterns?

Here is the audio loop to assist you with that: (This link expires on October 13th 2014)

Please feel free to purchase the full class, if it feels light to you:

FB posting:

Thank you for the responses to my FB posts. If you have not seen them, giving below some of the questions:

* How many people owe you money from past lives? Have you asked them to return your money?
* How much money/gold/precious gems have you buried in your past lives? How about asking the earth to show you where they are?
* Are you willing to be judged for your success?
* What have you made so vital about possessing a steady income that keeps you from having more money than you can ever spend?

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Who else is looking for me? What magic can we be to each other?

Infinite gratitude,


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