Breaking free from the past!

Breaking free from the past!

How have you been?

Are you the one creating your life or is it your past? Woh – That packed a punch?! Are you wondering if it is really possible to let go of the past and is it ‘fair’ to just let go? Someone wise said – “Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.”

Most of us are unaware that our reactions are triggered by our past conditioning. Like to break free from your past? This Access Consciousness clearing loop can help. You can choose to play this in the background 24/7. The more you play, the more you clear your past conditioning. Link at the end.

How about we go a bit deeper?

Gift call with Nila – Healing the body through forgiveness

Resentments cause diseases and illnesses. What if you can effortlessly let go of the resentments you have been carrying for years and reverse your health conditions? Nila is going to walk us through the forgiveness protocol specifically with this theme on 7th. You can register here, if you are a forgiveness protocol practitioner:

Well, if you have not done the protocol yet, you can join today’s class with Elaine and Suguna:

Basic Light Medicine Practitioner – Certified Course (Jan 8th)

“My friend was having back pain since last 2 yrs after her C-section and pain reached to arms, I did body reset last night and here is her feedback in morning “Feeling better coz my arm was paining like hell…even I was literally started crying. but today when I wake was Pretty much better” her back pain is better too. Thankful to Nila for the light medicine course🙏 so simple yet so powerful”

Light medicine has been received greatly and has created un-believable changes in practitioner’s body and being. You would have to experience it, to know the magic – absolutely magical changes! Choose to liberate yourself at every level – with this body reset protocol!

We invite you to learn this powerful protocol from Light Key facilitators Jyothi and Saida.

Both the above courses are part of Bright New Beginnings package. Purchase any of this course before 15th Jan and avail a one-time discount coupon worth 11$ that can be used in future purchases from our website. Choose to vibrate higher!

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Breaking free from past – Access Consciousness


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Training for Facilitator of Basic Light Medicine

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