Breath-taking transformation photos

Breath-taking transformation photos

How are you? Did you have a good weekend? Are you playing the 369 prosperity game? How is it going for you?

Well, if you are not doing it because of fear of change, you can get help from the video link at the end of this email.

Photos from Star Glow facial

As promised, here are the photos of 15 brave beings who shared their before and after photos from the Star glow facial class. Star glow facial uses elements of light to bring out the glow in you in 4 steps: energy cleanse, body cleanse, face uplift & shining your light. Hope you can see the glow and tone from the faces… Happy beings!

Did you miss the class? You can get the recording from here: 

Play and receive

If you have been in calls with me, you might have noticed that I have a child-like curiosity and playfulness which I call babyness.

The energy of the babyness is very inviting and gets your desires to step into your universe without you having to chase them. As you may have seen in the video, babyness has helped me enormously in actualizing the rarest of things I ask for.

If you are in doubt, you can join the call on 03rd to not only learn how to get some evidence of the manifestation process but also get access to 21 prosperity games!

These games will help you receive your desires effortlessly with so much fun! Here is the link to register:

It’s amazing to receive feedback like this from the class participants:

“Today as I was sitting by myself, memories started to surface which are just stories now, but had a charge to it. 
I thought they had been dealt with earlier but apparently not
Anyway ran some frequencies to clear cancel and transmute and sat with the energy till there was no charge left. Felt light.
Drank some water as I got thirsty, when aqua flush popped in my mind and in no time it was happening. Let it run for a while and now feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
The protocols frequencies and vortices have been such a gift as were the gorgeous body series.
Thank you nila for all these wonderful gifts as they are truly transformational.
I wish I could listen to atleast one recording per day as have such a treasure in the classes done with you.”

If you like to experience the same, please feel free to join the upcoming classes.

Upcoming classes:

1 Prosperity Through Babyness

2 Training for Facilitators of Prosperity Activation Program

3 Advanced Light Medicine – Call 1

4 Conscious and Prosperous Healer – Level 1

5 De-constructing illnesses with Star Matrix

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