Breathe for magic and miracles

Breathe for magic and miracles

Mastery with Breath

Breath is your magical connection with the infinite cosmos. Breathing consciously puts you in touch with your divinity. Breathe life into your desires with the ‘Master Key’. What magic and miracles can you create if you bring the master key and breath together? Join Master Key Breath for Magic and Miracles with Nila as she guides you to achieve mastery with manifestation using the gift of your breath.

Testimonials from the earlier breath class:

“Thankyou Nila 🙏……it was amazing. I had a profound experience and I am hungry for more of such calls”

“This was incredibly powerful. I could feel my conciousness expanding and the energy rising to my crown chakra. Thank you so much for such a beautiful meditative experience”

“honestly I feel fully relaxed. I forgot all about what I want. thanks Nila”

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Infinite Possibilities for your body

Are you in communion with your body?

What if you could tap into the body’s innate, infinite intelligence to create greater vitality and wellbeing for yourself? Bodies have the inherent ability to heal themselves. However, these intelligent systems go dormant if we do not use them. They have to be activated; otherwise they slip into the default mode of old limiting programs. Join the Advanced Light Key Protocol for Activating the Body’s Intelligence Systems to open up a new universe of light and lightness for you. What could a contributive partnership with the body create for you and your life?

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Explore the Joy of Bringing Ease!

The Ease on Earth facilitator training enables you to teach four beautiful, simple, effective courses. These protocols bring ease and joy of living for anyone who has been struggling to cope with relationships, institutions, systems or life in general. It is being offered at a special introductory price. What joy can teaching these protocols be for you and for all those who will receive these wonderful tools to create light and lightness in their life?

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Release your resonance to lack

The Light Matrix is a dynamic mesh like element of the Universe that can be given commands to create what you desire. This video is an audio loop of ‘Releasing the Resonance to Lack’ by Nila, played 21 times:

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Light Key Protocol for Getting Over Not Being Good Enough – Certified

Releasing Fear, Anxiety and Overwhelm with Advanced Light Matrix Command

Merkaba Meditation for Manifestation

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