Breathe Life in to your Life

Breathe Life in to your Life

We hope you have been creating joy for you, your body and all of your life this new year! How about jet setting into 2022 with tools for creating and opening up spaces for growth, wellness and awareness?!

A short exercise for you.

List one possibility (not goal – possibility has no preconditions and definition attached to them. Goals might have end points) for you that you would like to open up for you in

  1. Health  – e.g. Build strength for my body
  2. Career
  3. Relationships
  4. Passion
  5. Personal Development

Learn to harness the power of breath for the possibility to open up for you. Watch this video for insights about getting ‘in the zone’ to actualize your ask. Video link is given at the end.

Take a tiny step for this to show up in your life.

Learn a technique that sets you on the path to creating this grandness in your life. Nila will teach ‘369 Breathing for Unlocking Possibilities’ on 20th January.

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Our rockstar class – Joyous Body Protocol is back!

This miracle maker class has been contributing to bodies on this planet in so many amazing ways, that it keeps getting created. That’s the magic of this class. Facilitator Suguna Sathish will lead you to learn this simple protocol to set in motion, your body’s healing mechanism and allow it to choose it’s healing course.

You can learn this protocol

1). If you are looking for a simple, easy self help technique for healing your body that takes just 15 – 20 minutes to practice
2). If you are an energy healer and are looking for a quick effective technique to add to your services
3). If you have zero experience in energy healing
4). If you are a seasoned practitioner of the energy arts

Joyous Body Protocol begins to create and open up an intimate relationship between the body and being. Instead of working against each other, they begin to work with each other! The benefits of Joyous Body Protocol are limited only by your willingness to heal. Hear out what our practitioner has to say.

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Sign up today for the 3 hour class which will set in motion your body’s healing mechanism.

You can become a certified healer with Joyous Body Protocol for just 88$:

You may have heard the legend of Tenali Raman! He transformed his life by receiving the nectar of knowledge and wealth both from goddess Kali. Lucky for you, you don’t have to chant her name a thousand times for this priceless gift. Simply allow Nila to transmit the wisdom of Goddess Saraswati and wealth of Goddess Mahalakshmi to you.

Here is a feedback about the transmission:
“MMT— the energy transmitted was very powerful. I could sense the words, ‘money giver’. Couldn’t quite understand at first but saw some flashbacks from my life. After that could sense energy coming in from all directions, flowing to some directions. Was asked, “”Are you ready to take charge”” I said “”Yes””. Thankyou @Nila IH for this amazing transmission.”

“As soon as you started, I felt my physical head opening up & filled by pure light. Never had any such experience before”

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,
IH Team