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Bring home the Magic

Bring home the Magic

Book Launch of Rocky Learns Magic – Kid’s Story Book

Have you registered yet for Nila’s book ‘Rocky Learns Magic’? It is a light hearted story of kindness, and it  releases tomorrow. When you register, you get to download the Kindle edition free within the first 24 hours of its launch. Do register in case you haven’t already. Spread the magic amongst your loved ones. It is a contribution to little flowering buds. Kindness transforms the world.

Nila cordially invites you for the book launch event on 25th May. Check your date and time here
Access the event here:

Freedom of Living
The Expert Healer class gifted practitioners the ability to do Light Key Blessings and Attunements. Expert Healer Level 1- Certified offers the Freedom Attunement.
It has tools like the Unification of The Pineal and Pituitary Glands, Reversing Polarity with The Golden Globe of Kindness, Vagus Nerve Activation and so much more.
Join in, in this super advanced class. What can you create with this? What can this class do and be for your practice? A new possibility is available for you here

Who Creates Your Universe?
How is life showing up for you? What is your experience of your life? Success or Failure? Happiness or Sadness? Is your life determined by your birth, family, circumstances or you?
Do you create your life by design? When you make conscious choices with awareness, your life shows up as your creation. Join in this group coaching call ‘Creating the Universe You Desire’, as Nila walks you through simple exercise to create with ease and grace.

Be Who You Are
What is your experience of your relationships? Do you have to make them work or do they work for you? Do you give of yourself or do they contribute to your being? Do you have to ‘do’ and ‘change’ or you ‘be’ who you are?
Curious? Would you like relationships that contribute to you, where you can be yourself?
Hop on. Register for Conscious Relationships here

How well do you receive?
In the video Let’s Test Your Receiving, Nila walks you through an amazingly simple exercise to bring up your barriers and considerations about receiving. We often attach so many terms and conditions about what and how we would like to receive. She has given many gifts all of May. How many gifts did you receive? Check this YouTube video to test your receiving. Links to the free resources are mentioned in the video description.

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Connecting with Light Beings (Kick start your Awareness Development journey)

12 Techniques to Develop Your Psychic and Mediumship Abilities – Part 1
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