Bursting out of fear bubble!

Bursting out of fear bubble!

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Thank you for your responses for the last newsletter. Seems like many of you liked it. What magic are you creating with the tools I shared?

Fear is not real

So many of us hold ourselves back because of fear – of success, failure, love, attention, responsibility.. you name it!

There are some simple strategies you can follow to burst out of fear bubble. Here they are:

1. Recognize that fear is not real. You may feel the fear of being attacked in a crowd but it does not mean that you are being attacked. It’s just an emotion like happiness, anger etc.

2. Look at the probability. How many times has your fear come true in your life? Must be less than 5% for most of the people. Acknowledging this fact should ease your fear.

3. Challenge the fear. Ask yourself, ‘Is it true?’ and then ‘Is it absolutely true?’ By asking these questions you are now separating yourself from the emotion and observe it. This will give you the empowerment to dissolve it.

4. Find evidence against your fear. For eg, if you fear that people will ridicule you when you speak, find a tiny bit of evidence for any appreciation for your communication even in one on one conversation. Keep documenting these evidences and read them when you feel the fear.

5. Let go of the fear tiny bit every time. Even though it seems impossible, it is really simple when you recognize that you are the one holding.

I can keep writing more pointers but you might get lost in the amount of information and so, let me stop here and let you practice. These exercises are like muscle building – once you get a hang of it, they will become a second nature to you.  So, please be patient with yourself.

Fear is just the opposite of empowerment. To create the life you desire, it is important that you move into empowerment from fear.

If you think your fear is totally irrational and too strong for you to handle, I invite you to join the two group coaching sessions we have planned this week. Originally I was going to have only one session with 5 people but 8 people booked and so now we have two groups with 4. I’ll be happy to accommodate 1 more in each group. In case more of you are interested, I’ll increase the duration of the session or form another group.

I’ll be using all my experience and 40+ modalities I have learned to facilitate these groups. So excited and wondering what magic we can be for each other!

Beyond fear – Group coaching (21st June)

Beyond fear – Group coaching (23rd June)

My gifts to you

I have been sharing some very useful videos in youtube. Hope you are following the channel. Especially, the 30 min class on 3 Steps to prosperity is my favourite:


I would love to hear from you what other topics you would like me to cover.

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