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Can healing relationship bring you money?

Can healing relationship bring you money?

How have you been?

There is no separation in the Universe. When you choose lightness for you, the spark of lightness and ease brightens up the universe as well. What happens though when you see two people locked in conflict? Are you conflicted about the conflict? What is your contribution to the conflict?

What if resolving your own conflict can resolve conflict in the outer world? Everything that shows up in your universe is your creation. If so, how can you resolve conflicts? In the YouTube video ‘How Do You Deal With Conflict’, Nila describes the use of Ho’oponopono tool to deal with conflict.

Link to the video is given at the end.

To deep dive into resolving conflicts, check out the Light Key Protocol for Conflict Resolution. If there was no conflict, how much space would it create for you? How much freedom would be available to you in your universe?

Creating Relationships Out of Conscious Choice
What does relationship mean to you? Is your definition of a relationship limited to the dynamics between two people? Could it also include how you relate to your finances, body or home? Did that just blow your universe?

Nila recently did a class, Conscious Relationships where she empowered people to move beyond the limitations and compulsions of relationships to a space of deliberate creation and joy. Practitioners have been applying the tools to create more beyond imagination. What is even better? You can be certified to facilitate clients with these wonderful tools and techniques.

A feedback from the class participant:
“And we had an amazing Conscious relationship class yesterday…so many realisations and greater possibilities opened up… worked on my relationship with money on the call and account got credited just after the exercise. How does it get any better than this? Gratitude Nila.”

Unfold magic here:

Moving Beyond the Limitations of Pain
What are the structures and foundations you have in place that create pain? Are you stuck in repeated patterns? Are you unable to move forward in life? In Releasing Physical and Emotional Pain with Advanced Light Matrix Command, Nila will facilitate the group to release physical and emotional pain.

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Acknowledge your potency
In 12 Techniques to Develop Your Psychic and Mediumship Abilities – Part 2, Nila is going to share 6 more techniques to expand your awareness to receive support from other realms.

The live Part 1 class was held on 31st May. It is available as a recording. Feedback after the Part 1 call:
“It’s one of my favourite calls. My psychic level has developed so fast and I’m so happy with the exercises and meditations that Nila teaches us. I’m all for these calls. Those missing out are really missing out so much magic. Gratitude Nila.”

Register here:

What can you receive from the Universe?
The Universe is abundant. There is no lack in the universe, If you are truly willing to receive, what magic can you be? What life can you create?

Join Nila in Awareness Development Circles, to experience a magical journey. Practitioners have received gifts, keys, tools, wands and so much awareness. What are you willing to receive?

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Awareness Development Circle – Call 1

Awareness Development Circle – Call 2

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