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Can the Sun and moon work for you?

Can the Sun and moon work for you?

Hope you all had a beautiful Diwali. May the magical creations with light continue long after. Just in case, you think you have too much to catch up now, how about asking the Sun and Moon to help you? To find out more, check out the video at the end.

If you hadn’t availed the Vortex of light meditations as part of few other Diwali offers, may be now is the time? Offer extended for 3 days! Expires on 11/11/2021!

11/11 Meditation: Elixir of Angelic realms – Journey and healing

“The significance of the 11:11 date is quite a beautiful and poetic case. This is an universal number … a neutral reset point in your own personal life. Think of this as your own magnetic aura undergoing a spiritual control, alt, delete.” – Kristy Belich

A high vibrational day to have an aura reset – wouldn’t you agree? Even if you are not into meditations, this might be an experience you would like to have. We invite you to join us as Nila leads the  group into Angelic realms through altered state of consciousness. You might be surprised by what you are able to access and healings/ downloads you may receive.

Have you registered for our free events and healings sessions coming up?

Kindness Medicine 2:
A 2 in 1 call  to heal your inner child and create harmony through kindness key breath – absolutely free.

Free Group JBP session:
Experience a magical healing – again unconditionally free!

Can the Sun and moon work for you?

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