Can you predict the future?

Can you predict the future?

Can you predict the future?

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Many people ask me to predict their future. One of the most common questions is whether they will become rich. The next popular question is they will find their soulmate.

There have been times my predictions have been spot on. For eg, when a couple was trying to have a baby, I told them that I saw a baby in two years time and also described how she looked like. That’s what precisely happened.

There have also been times when the timing was off. When I saw a proposal on valentine’s day for someone, it was not the one that was coming up in a few weeks but it was on the next one.

There have also been times when the predictions did not come true. In the initial days of my mediumship, I used to get disturbed if a prediction did not realize but then I learned that there is nothing written in stone. Everything is a potential right now.

What does this really mean? Our choice at this moment creates our future. Our past choices have already created a potential future. However, our choice in the current moment can change the course of it. Infinite pathways are always open in the universe. A conscious choice can take you on a different course altogether.

Looking back at my life, I can realize that I could have died many times. Once I was just a foot away from the front tyre of a lorry when I fell from a two-wheeler. Nobody believed that I walked away without even a scratch. I can sense now that it was a conscious choice I made at that point.

Knowing your potential future helps you change the course. However, if you buy into someone’s predictions of a future, you might solidify it with your choices. Hence, I tell my clients very clearly that my predictions are potentials not the blueprint of their life.

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I hope you start making conscious choices the right way to create a joyful future!

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