Can You Use Fear to Create Magic?

Can You Use Fear to Create Magic?

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Transmuting Fear

In life, one time or another every one of us would have experienced fear and some times even been frozen by fear. So, most of you would agree that fear has intense energy associated with it. What if this energy can be transmuted to creative or kind energy? If the energy which is as potent as freezing people can be converted to expand peace and harmony in the world, how would it be?

I am going to be doing two group coaching calls in March and the first one is on fear and the second one is about creating magical reality. Wouldn’t it be awesome to release the energy locked up by fear and use it to create magic? Please join me to embrace your magic in March:

The Series You don’t Want to Miss

As you may be aware, I have been channelling a lot recently and I just would like to get the information out in the world. So, I decided to offer 5 protocols at a 75% discount:

💖 Call 1: 12th March 10.00 AM EST / 3.00 PM GMT / 8.30 PM IST
Duration: 40-60 min

1. Pain relief protocol: This protocol helps to release or transmute the energy that causes physical pain by invoking frequencies and expressions.

2. Fluid balance protocol: This self- help protocol uses the energy of light keys, light key frequency and light medicine to balancing blood, hormones and other chemicals in the body.

💖 Call 2: 26th March 10.00 AM EST / 3.00 PM GMT / 8.30 PM IST
Duration: 40-60 min

3. Glow and grow protocol: This protocol induces growth and likely to restore lost tissues and help heal the bones & skin through very potent light key frequencies and processes.

💖 Call 3: 02 April 10.00 AM EST / 3.00 PM GMT / 8.30 PM IST
Duration: 40-60 min

4. Intimacy protocol: This protocol not only helps to heal the blocks in sexual energy in the body and spirit but also opens you up for receiving more from the universe. This protocol is likely to help you attract a partner and/or a baby. This is all about bringing the nurturing energy back into your body and life and create more.

5. Protocol for clearing unhealthy relationships: This protocol releases you from unhealthy attachments that cause obsession, addiction, co-dependency etc using new light key tools.

There is a lot of amazing feedback on Light key protocols. Just sharing one here:

Nila pain relief protocol is awesome u had done with me trail session I realised till now I don’t have that pain it was magic ur all protocols r ease n joy it really has magic I m aware of many things changing in my life
After light key I see my self receiving gifts🎁
I saw people who come for my reiki circle r getting result
Enjoying n having fun
Thank u u so much

I hope that you will take this wonderful opportunity to learn these 5 protocols and take charge of your own well being. Here is the link for registration:

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