Can your body contribute to your finance?

Can your body contribute to your finance?

Have you ever asked your body to contribute to your finance?

You, as a being do not need money. However, your body requires money for food, shelter, clothing etc. Then why wouldn’t it contribute in creating more money?

I make deals with my body all the time and it contributes magically. Recently, I wanted a pampering session in a foreign land and I asked my body to contribute to the fees, if it likes to be pampered. Within minutes, some one booked a session and I did take my body for the session.

Body is highly conscious and when in communion with it, the life experience can be magical. What if the whole purpose of life on earth is enjoying the body?

How many of you don’t like your body and constantly criticising it? If that’s the case, I would not be surprised if your whole life experience is being criticised all the time. What you do to your body reflects in your life.

No matter how the relationship with your body is now. What if you can create a joyous body by spending about 15 min each day just for 11 days? Wouldn’t it be worth investing this much in the body which is the whole purpose of coming to this planet?

Personally, after completing 11 days of Joyous body protocol, I felt that the energy path ways are so open to receive. Another healer who scanned me also confirmed that there are no energy blocks in the body. Besides the physical benefits of this openness, receiving the life is much more easier. Here is a feedback from another practitioner:

I was doing joyous body protocol and when I was on tailbone i done the key with the intention..I have given some good amount of money to one of my frnd and I was trying to connect with him for the same but he was not giving me money back, so I drew the key with the same intention and den had a conversation him and u won’t people he has transferred the half amount. And remaining amount he will transfer in nxt month.

Thank you Nila di and Smriti

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What magic can you and your body be for each other?

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