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Willing to be magical?!

How have you been? Are you willing to be magical with money? You might wish to be but are you really willing to be magical with money? Aha! Do you sense some resistance? If you would like some help letting go of your limiting beliefs with respect to the money, Nila has put together Access ...

How many labels are you constantly defending?

How have you been? This time, Nila again. I had the urge to write about addiction because there is an important aspect, we easily miss.. What if we are the ones holding on to addiction? It seems totally counter-intuitive, right? Why don't you try this for yourself? Pick up a behaviour that's uncontrollable. Can you ...

Would you release your attachment to slavery?

Dear [subscriber:firstname], How have you been? Would you release your attachment to slavery?! We live in a free world where slavery is a non-existent– right? Or are we slaves of our own limiting beliefs? You will gain deeper awareness as you listen to Nila’s facilitation where she gently nudges Sunali to look deeper. Video link ...

Does your life matter?!

How have you been? Does your life matter? A seemingly ‘charged’ question, which also leads you to assess how much are you committed to your life. If you are one of those who is proud to have sacrificed your life for your family, you might want to watch this video. You might choose a different ...

Create a space that attracts prosperity!

How have you been? Who is the source of creation of your life – past experiences or you? A profound question, right? Leads you to uncover if the past still has a hold on you! If you are wondering how to let go of the past conditioning, Nila has created an Access Consciousness clearing loop, ...

Do you need protection?

How have you been? Have you ever wondered if you need protection – from the ‘negative energies’ of the world, especially if you are a healer? What if there is a different possibility? Click below to enjoy and receive from an eye-opening facilitation. Would you like to explore more on this line? You would ...

Glow like a star!

How have you been? Have you experienced the power of space around you? Space itself - not the things in it! If you are open to trying a 5 mins exercise to go beyond limitations and create more space, click on the video link provided at the end. JBP -Level 1 – Today! All geared ...

Freedom beyond time!

How have you been? Are you enjoying the present moment or are you overwhelmed with too many things to do and too little time? Like to explore the possibility of going beyond the illusion of time? Watch and relax into Access consciousness clearing video given at the end. Going beyond the greatest of addictions ‘Seeking ...

A gift from Nila

How have you been? As you may be aware, our monthly Joyous Body healing sessions are very well received. The session is not time bound and you can receive the same effect from the recording as well. Feel free to watch and receive: A free hangout with Nila Did you join and benefit from ...

A session for releasing the blocks

How have you been? Do you ever feel as if you are “stuck” in your body or in any situations of your life? Well - even the happiest, most creative people get stuck from time to time. Recently, Nila facilitated someone on this - using a powerful EFT routine to choose freedom and experience the ...
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