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‘Rocky Learns Magic’ at no cost

In our endeavor to spread Kindness, we are offering a free download of Nila’s Kindle Ebook ‘Rocky Learns Magic’ for a limited time – upto 25th September. Kindly read and leave a feedback. Also, share the book with anyone who has little ones to nurture. Link is given at the end. Shine!! Be the energy of ...

September Bonuses and Gifts

Nila had hosted an event 'Set Up Your Wellness Practice in Lightening Speed'. It was a huge contribution to aspiring and established healers alike! We thought of sharing it with the world. Check this wonderful video which is a sneak peek into the Light Key Wellness System. Link is given at the end. Tune In, ...

FREE Event Plus Bonuses

Nila would like to invite you to a comprehensive LIVE Event “Set Up Your Wellness Practice at Lightening Speed – A Free Class for Healers”. If you are a wellness professional or looking to be one, then this event might be a great contribution to kick starting or boosting your practice. This is a 4 ...

Receiving Abundance from the Universe

If you were willing to be and receive unconditional love, what would the Universe gift you? What gift and contribution would you be to the Planet? Check this beautiful Lightlogue ‘Being and Receiving Unconditional Love’ gifted by Nila. The Lightlogue page has many beautiful lightlogues to bring nurturing energies to your life. Lightlogues are divine ...

Creating Richness and Lightness

How have you been? Do you value you? Do you judge you or acknowledge you? How do you relate to yourself? How often have you allowed others to devalue you because you didn’t value yourself? Are you willing to create more of and from you by simply acknowledging you? Watch this beautiful facilitation by Nila “Magic ...

Experience Light Medicine!

How have you been? If you could be or do anything you wanted, what would you be and do? What if there were no boundaries of time and space and no limitations in this infinite universe? If you start functioning as the infinite awareness you are, there is nothing you can’t be and do. If ...

A Kind Affair – Abundant Offers and Discounts!

Can resolving conflicts create money for you? When you drop conflicts, could you invite more joy, ease, prosperity? Watch this video where Nila talks about how she resolved her conflict with money to create inflow for her. Link is at the end. Are You Channeling Global Conflicts at Home? This popped our Universe! They say, ...

Laughed after 20 years!

Did you know that children laugh about 400 times a day, but adults on average laugh only about 15 times? The common emotions adults experience from time to time are fear, pain, frustration, exhaustion, grief, loss that results in incessant stress. The most pleasant and cheapest form of therapy that has the ability to distract ...

Gift of Wellness

FREE - Wellness Meditation with Golden Globe of Kindness What if the mystical secret to wellness was available to you, simply at the click of a link? Join Nila for this FREE Wellness Meditation with Golden Globe of Kindness. These Meditations are charged with the power of the Light Keys to create Wellness from the ...

Set the Universe to Work for You

Lightness is all about communion with the elements of the Universe and making them work with you! Creation becomes easy once we understand our connection with the universe and that all universe is a reflection what we are made of! Get in touch with the universe and experience a deep connection with yourself!  Link to ...
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