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Children, the catalysts for change

Children, the catalysts for change

School kids at SevalayaWorking with children has always inspired me. Every time I work with them they blow me away with their knowing and willingness to change. Most of the time, their responses are like, ‘ oh gosh, you just get us… access is our language!’. Children can truly identify with access and thoroughly enjoy the classes. Many children dragged their parents to my bars classes after the Taste of Access class they attended. What grand and great ambassadors are they for consciousness!

I would not miss any opportunity to work with kids and so I jumped on the invite to address 500 primary school children – aged 5 to 10. Sevalaya, a charity organisation who are contributing greatly to kids in South India chose to facilitate the expansion of consciousness amongst their school kids. What great contribution is that!

It was end of the day when I addressed them but the children were quite enthusiastic about learning something new and most of them were willing to be interactive. I talked to them about being in question, who does it belong to and clearing statement in Tamil and also demonstrated how the clearing statement helped releasing the fear of public speaking of a 7 year old little girl. They were quite thrilled with the results and at the end of 30 minutes they had learnt 3 tools and 2 life changing questions which they beautifully summed it up. How does it get any better than this and what else is possible?

When I left, I was feeling totally out of this reality thanks to those kids. I can’t wait to see what infinite possibilities these kids can create in the world!


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