Choose to manifest consciously!

Choose to manifest consciously!

How have you been?

The Advanced Light Key Protocol for Space Clearing class created quite a stir – a complete wow-er! Just a couple of hours before the class, Nila announced an added bonus to all participants –  ‘De-cluttering the body with space clearing protocol’. You never know when inspiration strikes!

A touching share from a class participant-

“Thank you Nila for the class. I went bonkers. I floated in and out of my apartment, over my complex, clearing all of this huge place altogether. I have been using many shamanic and energy techniques for space clearing but I must say, this sort of satiates my appetite for a complete space clearing technique! I am looking forward to doing it professionally as I had always wanted to do since a while. Gratitude

About the De-cluttering the body with space clearing protocol> class, I am in profound gratitude to the universe and Nila for the class. My mother < passed away, few years back> had a condition of the bone marrow that affected her bones, her spine, her back prominently. When I discovered light keys, I would sometimes be struck with a sense of regret that had we known the system earlier, she would have had profound tools to deal with her health. While I am in allowance of her choice, I would get a sense that she wished to heal.
Today, that feels so complete. Everyone on the class will understand how profound this is to me. It is my awareness that it has been a contribution not just to me but to her as well!
Gratitude to Nila, her team and everyone on the call. It was so striking for me, the way the call unfolded”

You can still avail this awesome two-in-one course from the link below, repeaters get 50% off. We have already sent the coupon code to repeaters that expire on 14th April. Choose to get certified, make this a profession and open a new revenue stream for yourself.

Geared up for another two-in-one class? A life-changing course you wouldn’t want to miss.

Healing the Trauma and Drama with Money
Did you know each of us have a money story? When you think of money – how do you feel? For some of us, it may be shame, guilt, stress, anger, pride, or anything between or beyond this spectrum. Mostly these stems from conditioned beliefs, childhood experiences or they may have passed on from generations.

Understanding where you stand would help take the next step to move forward. Would you like to dig deep and understand what is your money story? If yes, this class is for you!

Would you like to let go of the drama around money – it may be just based on how your family handled money? If yes, this class is for you!

Willing to change your money reality by releasing the trauma you experience when you think of handling money, receiving money, gifting money? We would love to have you with us in this two-in-one class – where you can learn the Light Key Protocol for Healing Abuse and Trauma and also how to apply it to heal the trauma and drama with money.

Light Key courses in Udemy.
Have you checked out our Light Key courses in Udemy. You would love it.

Clear the limiting energies around your business
Wondering how to get an awareness of the limiting energies around your business? Just try answering the questions (Access consciousness based) Nila poses via the below video. She also guides  youto release them.

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Getting over the past, finally!

Conscious Embodiment

Conscious and Prosperous Healer – Level 2

Facilitator Training for Break Through Light Key Protocols
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