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Choose to manifest consciously!

Choose to manifest consciously!

How have you been?

Did you know that any extra mass in your body is usually related to not being able to let go of the shame you are carrying? Would you like to hear more on this? We present to you a powerful facilitation – hitting home hard truths not only for the receiver but also for the observer. Watch and get facilitated yourself. Link to the video at the end.

If you would like to go deeper into releasing blame and shame, you wouldn’t want to miss the ‘Going beyond black magic and curses’ course.

Ready to clear your space and invite prosperity in your life?

Advanced Light Key Protocol for Space Clearing – Certified
“Every aspect of your life is anchored energetically in your living space, so clearing clutter can completely transform your entire existence”.- Karen Kingston

Ready to transform your existence by energetically clearing your space?

Space clearing course has uplifted many people’s lives. The feedback we received have been amazing – people have experienced harmonious environment, sense of well- being and new possibilities have opened up from nowhere and much more. See below how it sowed a seed for a long-time wish to come true.

. (After space clearing class) today my hubby got the awareness to repair the external part of our building. I have been requesting him to build terrace in front, for many years now  and I love terrace. Today, he had called his contractor to show him for building repairs and asked him if we can build the terrace. I am really in gratitude NILA

Would you love to have possibilities open up for you too?  We invite you to join us in tomorrow’s class to raise the vibration of your space and invite prosperity, harmony, well-being in to your life!

Healing the Trauma and Drama with Money
A two in one class – you can learn the Light Key Protocol for Healing Abuse and Trauma and also how to apply it to heal the trauma and drama with money. This protocol has been a life changer for many. It’s the “go to” protocol for many of the practitioners and Nila herself. Nila recently used it to cure her sore eyes!

We can fill in a month’s newsletter just from the feedback from this protocol and we bet each one would still be interesting as this protocol has been used to clear – anything and everything, from depression to hair condition to relationships, just to name a few. Just sharing one feedback for now

“I would like to share my experience with abuse and trauma! Firstly, I was so numb I wouldn’t even be able to understand what trauma to work on, so I started with that. Just after a couple of times, I got an awareness that my gut has a lot of trauma stored. When I ran the protocol, it was so potent that my gut started acting up and I had to abandon it altogether.<recently> I am using it for my powerlessness with respect to certain people. (Read mother in law) Whereas earlier I would blame others entirely for my misery, now I acknowledge my lack of awareness and powerlessness when similar things happen.”

Would you like to be empowered? We would love to have you in this class – together we can let go of un-contributing patterns and truly become the master of our lives.

Choose to manifest consciously!
Wouldn’t you love to manifest abundance and prosperity in your life consciously? Check out our April offers.

Releasing shame and guilt

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Conscious Embodiment

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