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Claim your 75% discount (Time-sensitive)

Claim your 75% discount (Time-sensitive)

How have you been doing?

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Hope you have been reading my messages about the ‘5 Life-Changing Light Key Protocols‘ class that I am offering at 75% discount (you pay 55$ instead of 220$. The first call covering pain relief and fluid balance is starting in a few hours (12th March, 11:00 AM EST/8:30 PM IST):

Well, if you have missed the deadline for the first call, you can still register to receive the recording and manual.

Light key protocols are awesome. Extremely effective! Here is a feedback on fluid balance protocol:

I just checked my sugar levels at home. It is totally normal. In fact, it’s below normal. I was having high levels. I’m really surprised.
Thank you

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Like to talk to angels and spirits?

I started my mediumship training in 2004 and back then people used to effort to receive messages from the spirit. Now in my awareness development circles, people get connected in the very first meditation. I am pretty sure that the veil between this reality and other realms are thinning very fast and the human consciousness has evolved so much! I am in awe!

If you are someone who may be interested in learning to connect to other realms, now may be a great time. Join me in the fortnightly awareness development circle to learn to communicate:

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Hope you will join me in this expansive journey

Until we meet again, be in appreciation 🙂

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