Clearing audio for attracting relationship

Clearing audio for attracting relationship

How magical are you being? I am busy creating more and how does it get any better than that? What would it take for my creations to contribute more to you and the universe?

Miracle Diary

Oh, yes. I do keep creating magic and miracles – small and large. Wanted to share a funny little one. Last Thursday my body did not want to have anything from my office canteen and wanted a warm vegetable rice from a stall outside. I did not have time to go and get it as I had my lunch time yoga and back to back meetings before and shortly after.

I asked a couple of my colleagues to get it for me if they get a chance to go out but almost all of them had already settled in with their lunch pack! “knowing” in some level I and my body will find something that my body desired, I went for the yoga class. When I finished the class, I found that my desired lunch was not on my table yet! I just drifted to get some drink and saw two of my friends whom I had hoped to contact before the class but could not, were sitting in the lunch area and opening their lunch. I walked to them and demanded why they did not get me anything 🙂 They offered me to share the food with them and guess what, both of them had bought the same vegetable rice I had asked for! My body received what exactly it desired at no cost! Potent body, right?

Have you included your body in creating magic in your life? What magic have you created that you have not acknowledged yet? I am putting together the miracle stories and creating an ebook to inspire more people.What else is possible? What magical reality can we create together?

See how my choice created so much joy of being for me:

Tool of the day

Have you heard that when you experience the vibration of what you desire, you can create it? I follow a simple tool to do that. I start collecting the pictures of what I desire from the web and view the slide shows of the pictures to experience the vibration. I started collecting the pictures of beautiful jewelry a few years back and I started receiving so many of them magically and still do. What do you like to create?

My Gratitude

Thank you for your feedback and referrals. I am very grateful for all your contribution. What else can I be and do different that would allow us to create a greater world? I would like to create a reality where we can be at ease and happy no matter what goes on around us. My creations reflect this theme often and here is the latest evidence: ‘Get Happy’ android mobile app reminds you of the practices you can use to cultivate more happiness in life. ‘Get Happy’ is your buddy to gently give a nudge when you slip into your old habits.

The app is available at intro price now.

What magic can this app create for you? Do you have ‘because’s? If you notice that you use the word because quite often, there is a good chance that you are justifying your limitations with past experiences. What if you choose not to give any power to your past any more? How would your life be then? Would you like to hear more on this topic?

You can purchase the webclass from the shop:

Here is the clearing loop for destroying and uncreating the fixed points of view that keep you from having a great relationship:
(This link expires on September 25th 2014)

Share your success stories with me!

Infinite gratitude, Nila/Nimi