Clearing audio for more ease with bodies

Clearing audio for more ease with bodies

How have you been? I have had a good week and I am grateful for all the contribution you have been for me. Many of you have gifted me your requests for the clearing loop and that propelled me to do a video! Wow! how does it get any better than this? There is a miracle story (or stories) here too. Last week when I asked ‘What gift can I be?’ My sweet friend Marina had responded ‘Seeing you would be a gift’.

When I posted the video I created, Marina posted this on FB:

//Thank you for sharing! A week or so ago you asked what gift you could be and I asked if I could see you, so thanks good to see you and hear you again, my friend!//

I received this sweetness with so much gratitude. I was asking the universe to show me something kind and loving and it responded in many such ways right away. Marina and I received what we asked for. Have you been asking?

Right Voice For You

I have attended Right Voice For You facilitator training recently and like to try out my magic with one of you. Would you like to spread your voice in the world? Are you interested in performing to an audience? Would you like to have more reach? Would you like to feel at ease with your voice? If yes, you may like to play with me on this one.

See what magic is possible here:

I would like to offer this session to someone who would allow me to post the session online. (audio/video). I am happy to work with children too. You know what, having a voice in the world is not just performing, right? It is speaking up and expressing yourself freely too. So, if you have difficulty with self expression and like to change that, please feel free to write to me. What gift can we be for each other?

Tool of the day

I am choosing to show up as well 🙂 Instead of writing the tool of the day, I choose to share it in a video:

I am much more at ease with being seen and heard thanks to RVFY. weip?   I would not have posted this selfie before as it is not one of the best photos of me. But now I am choosing to BE beautiful no matter how I look. Are you willing to be beautiful?

Prices are going up

Just a gentle reminder that my private session prices are going up from August 1st. What contribution can I be for your life and living? What magic can we create together?

If you like to book a session, please feel free:

Upcoming events

I am going to be doing a bars class in Lisbon on August 30th. Do you know anyone in Portugal that may be interested in the class? This is the first time a bars class is going to be conducted in there. What magic can this create for Portugal? Would you be willing to refer this class to people who may be interested?

Brand new Foundation and Level 1 in London are coming up too:


Are you missing the luxury of attending the workshops on expanding your life from the comfort of your home? Just let me know the topics you may be interested in. Let’s do some teleclasses for fun. What else is possible?

Clearing loop

Here is the link to download the mp3 clearing loop to create more ease with bodies… how does it get any better than this? This link will expire in one month.

Keep playing this loop in the background even while you are sleeping and see what grand change this creates for you. 30 times a day for 30 days is the recommendation. But hey, shall we choose to create the change in fraction of a second? Well, time is not real any way 🙂

Much gratitude,