Clearing fear from your system

Clearing fear from your system

How have you been? I am doing good and my awareness is through the roof.

Awareness can become very uncomfortable if you are not aware of it. Normally people with anxiety or depression may have expansive awareness and they may be owning all the information they are picking up as theirs. If you have any of these symptoms ask yourself all the time, “Is this mine? somebody else’s or something else’s?” This is a nice and simple access consciousness tool that you can use to have ease with awareness. You can also use these questions to children when they throw tantrum. They will start to develop self-awareness from a young age which could help them to handle day to day stress in a much better way.

If things do not ease up with these questions, you do not have to suffer alone. You can work with a facilitator to go into the core of the issues. Actually, in February I am doing  4 weekly calls to coach a group of people to expand in 4 main areas of life- Self-worth, finance, health and relationship. These 4 calls all together cost less than half an hour of my private session.  This is a great opportunity to grow with a like-minded group for less. The price may not be the same for future calls. If you like to jump right in, please feel free to register:

If you have a lot of fear in your system, it may mean that you have huge potency that you are not acknowledging. I have talked about this in this video along with access consciousness clearing statements to clear the fear away from your system

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