Connected to Body, Connected to Land

Connected to Body, Connected to Land

How are you? Did you enjoy my new year gift? I have another gift for you. To know more, please read on…

If you’re destroying and poisoning the things that give us life, the things that shape our identity, the places that we are from and the things that sustain us, then how can you not be poisoning us? How can that not be direct violence against our bodies, whether that be respiratory illness or cancer or liver failure, or the inability to carry children.
– Iako’tsi:rareh Amanda Lickers (Turtle Clan, Seneca)

The abuse and trauma of the land have a direct impact on the bodies as every life form on the planet is deeply linked. I invite you to participate in the group call where we’ll be using the Light Key protocol to heal abuse and trauma of the land. What if you can heal your body too in the process? The Light key protocol is very powerful. Here is Nilofer’s experience:

For me, it was really amazing. I had a trauma when I was pregnant with my second son and I worked on that situation many times. But this goes and comes back ………. So after I did this towards the end, what happened was that not only could I release the trauma from my whole body, I could also feel the trauma releasing from my baby, I could feel it release from my older son, I could feel it release from all the people in the family from like literally the walls of the house, the whole energy disappeared from the house.

I hope to see you on this free call on Sunday:

What would it take for people from different countries to join this call and together contribute to the planet and the bodies on it?

Joyous body protocol

Joyous body protocol is like magic. Your body releases so much with ease and it is never the same after just 11 days of practice. It is so simple and anyone can do it. This is what Mageswari said after her 11 days of practice:

Today I completed 11 days. This protocol gave me a miracle, reducing the stubborn pain in my back and hip by 80%. I could hardly sit for half an hour straight. I was having it for years; about ten years, I would say. But now I can sit for a much longer time. Thank you so much, sis Nila for the opportunity.

You can not only heal your body with this protocol, but you can also use this to heal others. I am conducting a certification course online for just 49$… (price won’t be the same in future). Hope you will take advantage of this amazing opportunity to empower yourself:

Please feel free to have a look at other classes in January:

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I look forward to creating a magical decade with you…

In appreciation of you,