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Conscious and Prosperous Healer – Level 2

💖 Pre-requisites
💖 Course Content

Are you being a healer that needs healing and judging yourself?

This level will focus on self healing and how it can help your healing capacities.

This course is more experiential and help you reclaim your power and potency to work with clients. After this class, your outlook towards healing and dynamics with your clients is likely to change entirely.

This class is very dynamic and the topics may change. The likely contents are:

  • Willingness to be your own priority.
  • Clearing the source of self judgements & resistance to embrace your power.
  • Willingness to be the source & be responsible.
  • Willingness to receive.
  • Embracing the infiniteness.
💖 Benefits
  • Sense of strength and power.
  • More clarity and awareness.
  • Intense self healing.
  • Enhanced receiving.
💖 What next?

You can also choose to get certification of this course, if you would like to use it for others from the same link.

So are you willing to step up, empower yourself to heal your body?

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