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Conscious Bodies, Conscious Lives

Conscious Bodies, Conscious Lives

A Joyful Journey to Flow with the Universe

The Light Keys are high vibrational symbols that help you create the life you desire by bring home the energies you choose. What have your being been asking for?

The Light Key classes are downloaded by Nila and they respond to what you have been asking for! The Intermediate Blueprint Course – V4 has the ‘Fame, Prosperity, Health, Love, Expansion’ keys. The Universe has gifted us two new keys – ‘Joy’ and ‘Flow’

Would you like to open the door to new possibilities with life with these keys?
Abundance follows Joy. What treasures are waiting to be unlocked with it?
Flow enables you to move ahead and respond to life. Is it time to move ahead with ease and grace?

A rare chance to do this class with Nila!

Few Shares:
“Good Morning Nila…I am very grateful to you for these light keys/frequencies in our life. Also practiced Mastery and Kindness process and felt amazingly blissful.. I have no words to Thank You. I am feeling so light.. I have no words really!”

“Keys are like magic symbols – like the key to ordering what we desire – love, fame, prosperity”

The Basic Blueprint Course is a pre requisite. There are exciting discounts for existing practitioners of the Intermediate Course for a limited period of time. Check them out here:

Freedom and Joy with Your Body

How many people are you carrying in your body? Have you bought disease and limitations from other people? Do you sense a different possibility with your body?

Bodies are aware. They are absorbing energetic information like sponges. In Conscious Body Protocol – Certified, you will have a choice to release the unconscious choices you have made with your body. Would you like to choose freedom?

Few shares:
Regarding Conscious Body Protocol Class – “I was having severe pain in my stomach since last two days .. suddenly got sinus severe cold also so went for CT SCAN .. Covid negative but it showed some infection in my appendix..
During the class she being so kind covered all the points of stomach 🙏🏻
Today morning I visited Dr. he said there is infection in the stomach but nothing major to worry about n go for surgery n it can be cured with medicines, gave course of antibiotics n tablets for 10 days n repeat CT after treatment..I have much less pain then last few days.. 

feeling so greatful of Universe for giving me the opportunity to embrace the Light key frequencies, protocols , keys , and above all this group to get motivation to practise with ease.

“I took a session on Conscious Body Protocol.A life time showed up, when I was an “elephant” who had some contracts.We cleared all contracts and the past life energies of the ‘elephant’.The session ended. There was a healthy level of “amazement” around the session.
I have participated in other sessions through other healing modalities and have seen my past lives ranging from Divine to Devil (all avatar) or vice versa😉But this was quite “different”… within 2 days, I felt ease in my body… I didn’t feel as heavy as an “elephant”.I’m grateful to all Divine Beings for giving us these amazing Light Keys 💝🙏”

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Limited Time to Claim your Abundance at a Special Price

Nila has channelled the Light Matrix commands to release lack and move into abundance in ‘Releasing into Abundance with Light Matrix’. The product has 3 powerful recordings.

  1. Release the resistance to Money.
  2. Release poverty consciousness.
  3. Release money worries.

Listen to these recordings consciously or just play it in the background to attract abundance. They are available at 40% discount till 15th July.

Manifest Magically

How would it be if just breathing a certain way would bring you the life that you love?

And how would it e if this was a gift to you? Did you just thank your universe? Does the universe want to gift you some magical secrets?

Nila is giting you the ‘Manifest Through Breath’ masterclass on the 9th July, where she will share with you magical tools and practices to bring your desires to life with the power of your breath. The class is FREE to attend LIVE.

The class is open to everyone who can breathe and wishes to breathe magically!

P.S.: Even though this event is free to attend, you need to register beforehand to get the zoom link.

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Upcoming Events 

Releasing Insecurity and Low Self Esteem with The Advanced Light Matrix Command

Decoding the Messages From the Spirit and Other Realms

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