Conscious Embodiment Protocol  — A mini retreat with Light Keys and frequencies

Conscious Embodiment Protocol — A mini retreat with Light Keys and frequencies

Long time!

Here is my journey with Light Keys.

1. Inducted 4 more facilitators for Basic Light Key frequencies on 15th August! Welcome Antara – newest addition to Light Key facilitators group.

2. I was a bit grumpy and decided to have a bubble bath with Conscious Embodiment (CE) retreat – lead and received by myself 🙂 Oh man… it was so profound and relaxing. The layers of unconsciousness we store in our body! Today I cleared all the inculcated points of view from my great grandma who looked after me as a baby, death trauma of my previous generation family members and insecurities of my aunts – never went this deep before. Join the Conscious embodiment class on Aug 21st to experience this !

I just downloaded a new process from star grid and included it in the CE manual. My awareness is that this would benefit anyone who has fears/patterns on genetically transmitted issues. Don’t miss it.

3. What if you could get a facial from the light elements – no chemical , no external touch – just some magical Light Key processes from the grand old universe! You can get certified in this amazing process and make it a business too! Join us for this certified course on 27th Aug

4. My dreams are getting weirder and weirder. Yesterday, in my dreams, my nude photo went viral… hehe… It was so surreal. It took a few minutes to realize it was only dream. I wonder what exposure I am going to get!

5. Had an amazing attunement done by Great spirit of Plant kingdom in our Awareness development circle on 14th August. Looking forward to roll it out.

ADC classes have an amazing energy. Few feedbacks:

“Thank you Nila for the awesome plant Mother Earth healing. I am feeling much energised and better in the morning.”

“Thank you for this and all the ADC SESSIONS.”
Feel free to join us in this amazing journey.

6. Feedback on Gorgeous You series:

“Just wanted to share with all of Gorgeous You.
Today I am so proud of myself, 10 KG down.
I started my journey on the 25th of May, I joined the call 2, but bought all 4 then later call 5&6.
Life is totally different now. So grateful.”

If you missed the series, you can get the recording.

7. Prosperity Activation Classes are making waves. They are received very well by the facilitators and the participants:

“Thank you Nila I just finished PAP class- so much energy shifts,so heartening to see how well people receive it and acknowledge shifts, every class is so different “

Connect to PAP facilitators or buy it from the shop.

8. Did a Corporate workshop yesterday on freedom from fear. More to come!

9. Some of my recent classes are like retreats – including Light medicine, Conscious embodiment etc. I am so drawn to do more mini-retreats every fortnight… Who would like to jump in? Some of the themes jump at me are:-

– Conversation with your body
– Making peace with children (from any life time)
– Releasing attachments with bodies (yours from any life time and others from any life time)
– Is being a martyr working for you?, etc..

Join us this month for the LM experience .

10. Light medicine is creating so much change in the bodies around the world.

“Just wanted to share, I’ve been having multiple experiences using the LMS series.
1) I’ve been giving the restoration process to mother earth since our 4th call in the series got done. The experience has been mindddd blowing. It’s the most nurturing and gifted experience.
2) I’ve been recieving multiple keys/gifts just by running the Mastery & kindness of self process. It’s really a surreal and humbling experience.”

You can still purchase the LM series from our shop.

11. Appreciation and gratitude to Smriti for facilitating 71 classes & over 300 people in 4.5 months! Isn’t it amazing?

12. Don’t miss to sign-up for this month’s free group coaching call.

What more magic can we create?


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