Create a world full of smiles!

Create a world full of smiles!

How have you been?

Can meditations make you smile? Surprised? We invite you to experience a meditation in which every cell of your body smiles and your whole body lightens up! Experience and radiate its ripple effect to spread light and lightness across the world.

While lots of intensity is going around in the world, what a beautiful gift this smile can be to yourself and the universe? Meditation opens hearts. How many would this one open, we wonder? Link is at the end.

Being your rock (Tapping into your strength & trust) – is today

“There will always be someone who will not see your worth. Don’t let it be you” 

Are you willing to be there for you – as your best friend and to love and honour yourself? Join us in this group coaching call –  to find your strongness from wrongness!

This call is part of a package deal – ‘A bright new future – Get ready for 2021 with Nila’ which comes with a $63 discount along with 3 additional products.

Accelerate your awareness – Intense spiritual Journey

This is a journey to expand and evolve your consciousness. Nila will guide you but it will be your unique journey to experience and you would open yourself up to beautiful possibilities.

Someone wise said –“The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. Listen to your own truth” 

We extend this invitation to you to access your consciousness and to fly high in your current life on the planet.

This is also part of the above package deal – ‘A bright new future – Get ready for 2021 with Nila’

Advanced Light Key Protocol for healing Abuse and Trauma (Certified)

Nila recently shared her experience facilitating two clients with this powerful protocol and how at the end of the session they really found themselves – the amazing, potent being they were!

YOU are an amazing, powerful being too who can choose to have a life you desire – in spite of everything you have undergone. Ironically the things you have undergone might be the reason you are going to shine brighter – just by choosing to let go of the victimhood we so glorify. You can draw the help you need from this amazing protocol.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”- Rikki Rogers

If you are finding it difficult to let go of certain patterns in your life, this protocol would do wonders for you! Join us and outshine your fears!

Festival of light – 11 days of magic

Festival of Light – a healing experience you would like to gift yourself and to your loved ones.

Every day, starting Dec 13th through to Dec 23rd, you will experience an enriching guided session with Light key tools!

The festival commences with a powerful meditation to turbo charge your vibrations and includes a Joyous body healing session, a marvellous Light Medicine experience and tools to let go of limitations, clear pathogens, healing through kindness and more!

For what reason would you miss this? 😊

Inner smile meditation


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