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Create Magically and Exponentially

Create Magically and Exponentially


Would you like to compound your money inflows?

Are you blocking or inviting money flows? Be honest and check within… How would it be if money gushes from all the directions? Does it make you feel excited or overwhelmed? Many of us get stuck in ‘not being good enough’ to create/ receive/ handle money and start blocking it subconsciously. The fun part is we don’t even realize it and we keep blaming the circumstances. Is it time now to take the reign of your financial reality?

Join Nila in Exponentialize Money Flow with Rapid Response Protocol, where she will guide the group to raise and maintain their vibration to create & receive money flow with lightness and ease. Join here: 
This call has pre requisites to attend. So, get them in place and hop on, if this calls out to you.

Do you like Gifts?
Who wouldn’t like gifts? Everyone! Still, how many of us are willing to receive them? And how about a gift that gives you invaluable tools to create wellness?

Join the Light Key Protocol for Fluid Balance – Certified and get a bonus class free.
The bonus is, ‘Creating Energy Flow for Healthy Body’ where Nila will teach you how to use the protocol to clear emotional and energetic blockages to restore energy flow to organ systems.

All existing practitioners can attend both classes for free. The recording for both the classes is available at a special price till the class ends. A separate email has been sent to you, if you have set up to receive gifts from us. If you have not, you can do it in 3 simple steps that takes less than 2 minutes. Help is available in the following registration link: 

Would you activate your magic?
Activating Your Magic with the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses’ was wonderful. Nila led the group to a mystical plane  where the activations were performed by the gods and goddesses. Together, we created more light in the universe and the participants are all set to bring out the golden earth reality on the planet.

We also learned to tap into the wisdom of the ancient symbols to unravel the mysteries of the universe! The live call has passed. You can purchase the recording here. Just tap on the Add to Cart button and unleash your magic!

Some messages from the participants:

 “A week before, I had a dream of being in your class and when you held the ISIS statue there was some message , that is when I signed up for the class, such a beautiful experience, third eye fluorescent like emerald light activating in my third eye”
“it was such a beautiful journey.. thank you, received a big emerald from divine beings”
“So beautiful and such a visual journey and bright golden light” 

Check out our Free Light Key Course Light Keys for Peace, Joy and Abundance to experience the magic of the Light Key Wellness System. Get your gift here: 

Experience the magic of a Light Key Blessing by Nila. Check out her video Light Key Blessing to receive Windfall of Money here:

Check out the various wonderful attunements by Nila here: 

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What more magic can we create together?

In appreciation of you,
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