Creating a Prosperous Life Consciously

Creating a Prosperous Life Consciously

How have you been?

Key Component of Creation
What if consciousness is a key component of creation? Would you like to explore what is consciousness? Watch this YouTube video as Nila explores

  • What is consciousness
  • What creates separation
  • What can we do about it to move beyond the barriers and create oneness

Link to the video at the end.
Are you willing to be an invitation for prosperity?
Do you acknowledge the abundance of the universe around you? What have you been willing to receive? What do you not receive? Is your life an expression of your authentic self and desires?

Prosperity is all about living an authentic life. When we are clear about our desires, and are willing to receive, then the universe responds by giving more of what we desire. In the Prosperity Activation Program, you will learn a 3 step process to

  • Activate your desire
  • Identify and release blocks
  • Energize the seeds of desire to physicalize

Nila is facilitating this class after a long time. She might not do it again anytime soon. Hop on to create the life you truly desire.
Repeaters can check for 50% discount coupon in the email.
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Create Holistic Wellbeing with The Source of Light
Vortex of Light (VOL) is an element of the universe in action along with the collective consciousness. Practitioners have been using the Vortex of Light to create clarity in all aspects of their lives. In VOL Meditation for Holistic Wellbeing, Nila will walk you through the creative application of the Vortex of Light to identify and heal the source of your stress to harmonize the body. What could this magic be and create for you? Are you willing for ease to show up?
A share from a VOL meditation:
“Vortices meditation is really awesome. I have been doing it continuously for few days now and each time the experience gives so much of release – beautiful way to keep our vibrations up.”

Pre requisite is the Vortex of Light attunement.
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Would you like to dismantle your pain?
If you would like to move beyond the limitations of physical and emotional pain, then join the Releasing Physical and Emotional Pain with Advanced Light Matrix Command workshop. In this workshop Nila will be facilitating the group to release the structures and foundations that generate pain and hold it in place, using the advanced light matrix command. If you are stuck in any area of life, then this call could be a contribution to transform it. What possibilities could it create for you?
What have you been unwilling to lose, which if you did, would create a reality beyond the measures of this reality?
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Expand your universe
Would you like to expand your universe to realms beyond the earth? In 12 Techniques to Develop Your Psychic and Mediumship Abilities – Part 2, you will learn to channel information from other realms to empower you to handle life situations with ease. Part 2 is an independent call. The live class for Part 1 was conducted on 31st May. The class was received very well.
Here are a few shares
“Thank you for the amazing class @Nila. Feeling so relaxed, just want to sleep.”
“Thank you. Most amazing class. So much of awareness”
“Gratitude Nila for both the amazing classes…the initial apprehension gave way to such lightness and ease”
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YouTube video

Upcoming Classes

Vortex of Light Meditation For Holistic Wellbeing

Releasing Physical and Emotional Pain with Advanced Light Matrix Command 

Advanced Light Medicine  – Level 1 
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