Creating Ease With Body and Life

Creating Ease With Body and Life

How have you been?

What if every living breath could remind us of our infinite nature? While we all are on a journey to get there, it can be easy to get caught in dense emotions and logical limitations of this reality. Fear is one such emotion. An intense irrational fear can keep you stuck and limited. If you want to know how to transform that fear instantly, watch this YouTube video ‘Moving Beyond Irrational Fears to Flow With Life’ where Nila gives you an effective tool to deal with the energy of fear. Link to the video is given at the end.

Magic With Joyous Body Protocol (JBP)
JBP is one of the most loved protocols in the Light Key System. JBP is a protocol consisting of a simple series of steps to be done for 15 – 20 minutes a day for 11 days to create magical shifts. And as the shares keep pouring in, it is amazing how creatively the practitioners apply them to create lightness and ease in their universe. A recent feedback from a JBP practitioner:

“I would like to share my experience with jbp. Before getting into labor room yesterday I ran jbp on myself along with kindness ball, and wow.. I could push my baby in less than 5 mins when the pain intensified and doc along with sisters there were totally in joy as it was the quickest 

JBP is a certified course with no prerequisites. Many people choose to begin their Light Keys journey here. How much ease can JBP bring to your body? Can ease with body result in ase with  create for you with ease? After all, beings co create with bodies? Would you be willing to gift your body, the joy and lightness it truly deserves?

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Claiming Your Abundance
The Universe is abundant. Its gifts are limited to how much awareness we are willing to receive. Awareness creates possibilities. It opens doors to a new way of being. Following awareness can create for you, what the logical mind cannot perceive. Are you willing to receive and claim your abundance from the Universe? Participants have received their unique keys, wands, tools on the Awareness Development Circle Calls. An amazing share:

“My awareness level has gone up. For example, I know what someone will say, before they open their mouth. I know exactly what is going to happen in any situation in my life. Many such things. I can sense things before it takes form. People, please choose this.”

Join Nila in the Awareness Development Circle –  Call 1
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Awareness Development Circle – Call 2
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From Logical School to Magical School
What if school could create magic? The Ease With School – Certified (Light Key Ease and Grace Protocol) gives you tools and techniques to bring more awareness and ease to cope with academics, conflicts, bullying, while learning to love themselves unconditionally, beyond tags and judgements.

Whether you are a parent, student or educator, this protocol can take the struggle out of ‘your’ school. It could create more possibilities and expansion with what the school can contribute to your life.

The Ease and Grace protocol transforms how we be while we go about living our lives. Could this mean more joy performing mundane tasks? More allowance of people in your life? More space, or more joy? Moving ahead on ‘Planet Earth’ school?

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Jump on to turn school into a joyride This is the first class in the Ease with School Series. Children below 15 years can attend for free when there is atleast one paid parent in class.

Medicine for the Body and Being
The Advanced Light Medicine – Level 1 is a journey to tap into the infinite Universe to create specific changes in our body. In this call, you will learn to tune into the plant and animal kingdoms to receive contributions for the body through exercises and meditations.

This course has pre reqs. Please get them in place to enjoy a journey beyond the realms of your imagination.

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Moving Beyond Irrational Fears to Flow With Life

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Ease With School – Certified (SERIES)

Integrating the Fragmented Parts of You

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